Tattoos have become a strong way for people to show their creativity and individuality. People all over the world choose to permanently mark their skin with intricate designs and important symbols that tell their own stories.

Most tattoos are carefully planned and done, but some people take the idea of being unique to a whole new level, resulting in tattoos that are clearly unique—maybe even too unique. Some of these tattoos are well done from a technical point of view, but their designs are so funny and bad that we can’t stop laughing at them. See the weirdest ones in the photos below.

#1 Yes, Someone Actually Got This

Image source: watzit_t00ya

#2 M&Minem

Image source: GOloGOlo7

#3 Just Why Would You Want This On Your Body, Forever

Image source: AlPafredo

#4 These bruise tattoos look like they belong here.

Image source: MikkiD4311

#5 Thumbs Up

Image source: fyflate89

#6 Tattooed friend. “What Does That Mean?” “I Don’t Know, I Don’t Speak Chinese,” he says. It Literally Means That.

Image source: chojurou

#7 This Crossover Tattoo

Image source:

#8 Sassysquatch

Image source: EpicHeather

#9 McDonald’s Receipt… Tattoo?

Image source: ShamiVideos

#10 Protect Your Neck

Image source: PandaCompanion

#11 Such A Good Tattoo Of A Cat

Image source:

#12 A Healthy Relationship

Image source: Raccoon_king17

#13 Why would you give someone money to do this?

Image source: mvhae

#14 Spotted This On Facebook

Image source: zoyaa5

#15 Why would you want this on your skin?

Image source: RossNub