When you go to a different country or region, you may find some things strange or hard to understand. From the language to the cultural habits to the way people act, there are important things that are unique to a place that tourists can usually learn quickly.

When a user on Reddit asked Netizens in the U.S. what things Europeans have or do that make no sense to them, people had a lot to say. Scroll down to see some of the most popular answers.

#1 No air conditioning is fine, but what if your windows don’t have screens and all the bugs get in? (Not sure if this is all of Europe, but def the UK). No top sheet, either?

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#2 Im from Europe myself (uk) and find it strange some people here have carpet in their bathroom. ITS DISGUSTING

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#3 To soak dishes, my British grandmother usually had a plastic basin in the sink. Having a sink in a sink is odd.

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I was just in southern Italy, where it was blazing hot but everyone acted like they hated air conditioning. When we left for the day, cleaning would turn off all the air conditioners. Driver wore a full suit, but every time we got in the car, the AC was off.

When we asked him to turn it on, he put it on low. Ask him to turn it up loud, and he’ll do it for a minute before turning it back down. It’s like they’re some kind of animals.

#5 Most flats in Germany do not come with a kitchen. It is bought and set up by the Tennant. Sometimes you get lucky, but not very often.

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#6 You all give us so much grief for having bathroom stall door gaps, and then have a one foot wide piece of glass to keep water in the shower…

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#7 Beans on toast.

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#8 It doesn’t make no sense, but I’ve always been curious how fizzy water became the norm in many places.

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#9  I don’t know if this is true of all Europeans, but Germans stare at me like I owe them a lot of money. Also, you have to pay to use public bathrooms.

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#10 Monarchies

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#11 The poop shelf in Dutch/Belgian toilets.

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#12 It’s not that it doesn’t “make sense,” but the first time I saw those windows that can be moved in a lot of different ways, I looked as surprised as if someone had pulled a rabbit out of a hat. Windows That Move and Tilt

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#13 I’m Canadian, but I’ve always been confused by why some Europeans think 30 minutes of driving long. That wouldn’t even leave my hometown.

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#14 Better chocolate. Why can’t we have nice chocolate?

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Since World War II, Americans have been used to the taste of butyric acid. It used to keep the milk from going bad, but now it’s added because Americans like it that way.

#15 Saw two faucets for hot and cold water predominantly in the UK? What the heck? Handwashing was awful.

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A long, long, long time ago… The hot and cold water are kept separate so that they don’t get mixed up. The cold water comes straight from the mains and is safe to drink. Immersion heaters were used to get hot water. They were usually in the attic, which is a dangerous place for water to be. Bylaws say that hot and cold water can’t be mixed until the water comes out of the tap. This is still true today.

#16 Charging for bathrooms and charging for water (at restaurants) are both things that I would have expected Americans to do and Europeans be the ones making fun of it.

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#17 To all you Italians: why can’t I have a cappuccino past noon??

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#18 A stupid American with two parties I only comprehend left and right wings; Europeans have parties for everything. It’s confusing, but I wish we weren’t a two-party state.

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#19 My family is from the Netherlands, but I grew up in the Midwest. So there’s the society that wouldn’t dare to hurt you in any way and the society that doesn’t mind telling you the truth. It’s not easy.

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