The Christmas holidays are a great time to spend with friends and family. So, people want to find the best ways to celebrate this event. One thing that people love to do at Christmas is make homemade food for the people they care about.
But it’s important to know our limits in life, or we might end up with Santa cookies that look like demons or cheesecake that looks like it was in a nuclear explosion. Here are some of the funniest and saddest holiday cooking fails from this subreddit for painful food pictures.

H/T bored panda

#1 Cheesecake Buttholes For A Christmas Party

Image credits: ImFromMarsTo

#2 Merry Christmas

Image credits: AlexS101

#3 My Friend’s Mom Made Christmas Bread

Image credits: Beanz122

#4 My 11 Year Old’s Christmas Cookie

Image credits: u16173

#5 My Mom Made Jabba The Ham For Christmas

Image credits: vanadium_sky

#6 Merry Christmas

Image credits: pkkballer22

#7 Who’s Ready For Christmas Morning Waffles?

Image credits: proscriptus

#8 Christmas Sweater Pizza

Image credits: NadaCJ

#9 Happy Holidays

Image credits: RabbitCommercial5057

#10My daughter asked for a Christmas stocking-shaped pancake. I Very Much Failed

Image credits: JephriB

#11 Christmas “Snowman” Cheeseball, A Holiday Treat That Requires A Little Imagination

Image credits: hobo-pie-experience

#12 My Christmas Ham

Image credits: LouGossetJr

#13 Boyfriend was confused why he had a tin of pineapple and candied cherries in his stocking, but he’d told me he liked both, so for Christmas I made my first pineapple upside-down cake for him.🙂

Image credits: Catmeow82

#14 My Mother-In-Law’s Contribution To Christmas Dinner. It Was Supposed To Be A Caramel Cake

Image credits: Literarywhore

#15 Local Grocery Store Has Some Festive (And Sad) Holiday Breads!

Image credits: MsBluffy

#16 My Brother Is Eating His New Cereal He Made From Broken Christmas Cookies

Image credits: shatspiders

#17 I’ve Been Thinking What To Cook For Christmas This Year???

Image credits: brightercook

#18 My Mom’s Christmas Cookies Didn’t Come Out Like She’d Anticipated

Image credits: iia

#19 I Made Christmas Candle Salad For My Family. Because Bananas In Cranberry Jello Stars, Topped With Almonds And Dripping Mayonnaise, Were A Normal Thing In 1958

Image credits: perfectionsalad

#20 Getting Ready For Christmas With A Classy Gingerbread House

Image credits: