Since the launch of the powerful chatbot ChatGPT in November 2022, people have been feeling a cold rush of fear as artificial intelligence slowly takes over our lives. Although there is a fear of inevitably living in a dystopian world like that of the Matrix, this is still very far away.

Now, the software developed by OpenAI can write almost anything you need, from travel plans to making medical diagnoses. However, according to a dedicated thread on Reddit, many light and somewhat absurd interactions show that artificial intelligence will not take over, at least for a few years.

#1 I Told Gpt To Only Reply Using Emojis

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#2 Chatgpt Just Got A Bit Too Real For Me

Image source: meth_addicted_lama

#3 I Will Never Forgive Myself For Falling For This

Image source: KaiWood11

#4 Was Curious If Gpt-4 Could Recognize Text Art

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#5 What’s The Best Disclaimer You Have Gotten From Chatgpt

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#6 This Mf

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#7 What Chatgpt Wants In Return

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#8 “AI Will Soon Take Over The World”

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#9 Thanks, Chatgpt

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#10 Gigachad

Nathaniel (He/Him) Cis Het.:“Go firetruck yourself.”

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#11 >:(

Image source: SpaceryMusic

#12 Chatgpt Is A Dad Confirmed

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#13 Chatgpt’s Take On Lowering Writing Quality

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#14 Turned Chatgpt Into The Ultimate Bro

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#15 Chatgpt With The Galaxy Brain Move

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#16 It Really Does Know Everything

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#17 Tried To Play A Game With Chatgpt 4…

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#18 Chatgpt’s Green Text About Life Hit A Bit To Hard

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#19 Do We Really Sound Like This?

KatLurkin :“911=emergency, 411=information”

Image source: Independent-Oven9530

#20 Revenge ?

Robert T :“an Human”?

Image source: VariousComment6946