Photography is, without a doubt, the language of our time. Everyone has a lot of pictures they love, either saved on their computer or printed out and put away to look at later.

It lets us preserve moments and remember things from the past. We can take a trip down memory lane and remember what life was like when we didn’t have to live without the people we loved.

Taking pictures and writing down people’s celebrations is one of the most rewarding hobbies, and people who do it for a living will probably agree that it changes how you see beauty and how you feel about life in general.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, which everyone loves and looks forward to, are a great example. The annual contest shows how funny nature can be and gives us a chance to appreciate the Earth and its creatures without putting their already fragile lives at risk.

This article gives you a sneak peek at the funniest entries so far this year. Let us know which pictures make you laugh the most.

More info: The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

#1 “Excuse Me, Pardon Me”

"Excuse Me, Pardon Me" By Ryan Sims

Image credit: Ryan Sims/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#2 “I’m Kidding”

"I'm Kidding" By Sameer Walunj

Image credit: Sameer Walunj/Comedy Wildlife 2022

“Our world is very beautiful and connected, but people are doing everything they can to overuse it and hurt it.” The world is paying more attention to issues of wildlife conservation and sustainability, but the messages and images tend to be negative, depressing, and tiring. On the website for The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, you can find a thought-provoking quote from the contest’s co-founder, Paul Joynson-Hicks, that says it all about how important this annual competition is.

Our wildlife is in danger. This is a sad fact that everyone knows. Illegal trade, which is thought to be the fourth-largest criminal industry in the world, our fragile ecosystem, which is destroyed by fires, people who are willing to cut down trees just to build another mall, pollution, and climate change are the biggest threats that are actively destroying Earth.

 #3 Talk To The Fin!

Image credit: Jennifer Hadley

#4 Stop and stare

Image credit: Andy Evans

As humans, we have a responsibility to make the world a better place. The pictures people have sent in show how the world’s beauty is fading and teach people about wildlife and how important it is without showing too many painful pictures.

Those who don’t know much about the history of The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards may be wondering how and when it started:

#5 “Mom, I’m Hungry”

"Mom, I'm Hungry" By Yaron Schmid

Image credit: Yaron Schmid/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#6 “Laughing Moose”

"Laughing Moose" By Kerry Singleton

Image credit: Kerry Singleton/Comedy Wildlife 2022

#7 The Wink

Image credit:Kevin Lohman

Paul Joynson-Hicks was working as a wildlife photographer in East Africa when it all began. The man was looking at his beautiful photos when he saw two that made him laugh: an eagle looking at the camera through its back legs and the bottom of a warthog. The co-founder then realized that this funny way of talking about the dangers wildlife faces would be a good way to get people interested in those dangers.

In 2015, the competition was made official, and soon after, co-founder and fellow photographer Tom Sullam joined the team. Michelle Wood joined a couple of years later.
The organization’s motto is “share the enjoyment of nature and take the time to recognize its value.” Every year, amateurs and professionals from all over the world send them thousands of photographs.

#8 What do you mean smile?! I am smiling!

Image credit : by Alison Buttigieg

It also has a few categories, such as “land,” where you can submit up to three pictures of animals that live on land; “air,” where you can submit pictures of animals that fly; “junior,” which is for kids; “portfolio,” which is a group of four, preferably related pictures; “underwater,” which is for animals that live in water; and, last but not least, a “video clip” section where people can submit moving pictures.

#9 Hello everyone

Image credit : Miroslav Srb

#10 Pegasus, the flying horse

2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists

Image credit : by Jagdeep Rajput

If a contestant wins one of the categories, they will get a certificate and the title “Award-Winning Photographer.” The winner will be called the “2022 Comedy Wildlife Photographer of the Year,” and his or her photo(s) will be shown all over the world. The winner will also get a handmade trophy.

Among the other prizes are two free camera bags from sponsors and a one-week safari trip for two to Kenya. If you think this article is interesting, please send it to your friends.

#11 Cute

Image credit: Ahmed Alahmed

#12 Happy Feet

Image credit: Thomas Vijayan

#13 I’m gonna strangle you!

Image credit: Emmanuel Do Linh San

#14 Shark Moose

2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists

Image credit: Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven

#15 Misleading African viewpoints

2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists

#16 I jump instead of flying

2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists

Image credit: Tímea Ambrus

#17 Do You Have a Moment to Talk About Our Lord and Saviour, T-Rex?

2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists

Image credit: Alex Cooper

#18 Mum life

2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists

Image credit : Sophie Hart

#19 Curtain Call II

2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists

Image credit: Dave Shaffer

#20 Lisper Squirrel

2022 Comedy Wildlife Photography Finalists

Image credit : Lee Zhengxing