Have you ever thought that maybe you should wear a sign around your neck with your answer when someone keeps asking you the same question? The Funny Signs subreddit is full of examples of people who did similar things to try to get their point across in the most funny way.

Scroll down to see a funny group of the most amusing signs on the page. It’s clear that these people are upset with their community, and they showed it with a smart, sassy, or pointed sign that is so funny it hurts.

H/T demilked

#1 So What’s The Purpose Of This Store?

Image source: Otherwise_End7707

#2 Don’t Hold Back. Share Your Ideas!

Image source: dudreddit

#3 Yes, the casual neighborhood coyote is setting off TNT.

Image source: Zacryon

#4 Too Funny

Image source: tellingbig

#5 Happens To Me Often

Image source: RedditWithMIG

#6 Forensics Lab Rules

Image source: Tinkerer221

#7 This isn’t a drill, say it again.

Image source: Internetboy5434

#8 Weather Balloons

Image source: revdre

#9 Big Fat Nope

Image source: dollartreecandle

#10 Truth Be Told!

Image source: HappyJacket3113

#11Some Helpful Tips from the Fire Department

Image source: Alternative_Egg9955

#12 Know Yourself

Image source: abaganoush

#13 At A Local Church

Image source: Shaneaux

#14 Nice

Image source: Fit-Advance9526

#15 I broke my toilet a few times this year, so our landlord sent a text to my roommate.

Image source: bennythomson

#16 Pub In The UK

Image source: ILikePie30509

#17 Is It True Guys ???

Image source: LittleShopping1240

#18 The Four Horsemen Of The Bathroom Closet

Image source: Sensitive_Clue_4795

#19 Six Word Stories

Image source: abaganoush

#20 It’s Not A Bug, It’s A Feature

Image source: CroakyPyrex