When someone dies, their last words stay with us for a long time. But memories fade, but stones don’t. If you don’t get burned and your ashes end up in an ugly urn, your body will have a grave and a headstone. This is your last chance to write a funny epitaph that will make people laugh when they visit.

Not because of their lives, but because of the funny things written on their gravestones, the people below were popular. These funny tombstones show that death isn’t always so bad. They have dad jokes, cute puns, and warnings about the great beyond.

Let’s look at some tombstones from around the world that have a great sense of humor. They tell us that laughter can be a powerful and lasting tribute, even when things are sad.

#1 Went In The Hole With This One

Nora Cook : “Mantas is funny looking”

#2 Gay Vietnam Veteran

Image source:Ryanhgwu

#3 She’s Surely Going To Hell

Image source: Taed WynnellNorman Beattie : “I think he is still pissed off !”

#4 That’s An Unusually Fun Tomb Stone

Image source:GallowBoob

#5 Found In Biddeford, Maine

Image source: delicateflowerdammitSebastian J. : “She seems like a fighter, who had a good life and was able to look back at the challenges she overcame. At any rate I hope this was the case.”

#6 I Was Hoping For A Pyramid

I Was Hoping For A Pyramid

Image source:Gerri Gray

#7 Do Not Enter

two-sided llama : “* enters*”

#8 The Headstone Of A Lone Texan Liberal

Image source: forty_two

#9 I Told You I Was Sick

Image source: Patrick Kelly

#10 Go Away

Image source: A.J

#11 I Have Nothing Further To Say

Image source: mimielantra

#12 Things That Make Ya Go… Hmm

Image source: Josie Petrovichtwo-sided llama : “what pervert stole his nuts”

#13 Hidden Message

Hidden Message

Image source:Mononc’ Paul

#14 Kay’s Fudge

Image source: trooper843

#15 Adams To Atoms

Image source: rakka3187I heart Boo-BI-es : “Being a Veteran and a bit of a science geek this makes me smile 🤓”Nimitz : “It takes an insane amount of courage for a person born in 1915 to have been Atheist. As a person who also believes there’s no such thing as magic, I salute you!”

#16 Everything About This Tombstone

Image source: champagnewishesandrvdreams.com

#17 Still There Was Love

Still There Was Love

#18 Pardon For Not Rising

Pardon For Not Rising

#19 Merv Griffin Grave

Merv Griffin Grave

Image source:Dormant Braincell Research Project

#20 Found While Out Planting Flags In The Cemetery For Memorial Day

Found While Out Planting Flags In The Cemetery For Memorial Day

Image source: shadowvox