Oscar Keserci is a photographer who lives near Helsinki, Finland. His past is unique, and it has shaped his path as an artist. He was born in Greece, but after moving to Finland in 2012, he found his love for photography. He got better at what he did by learning on his own and practicing over and over again. This helped him quickly find his calling.

Oscar’s commitment to recording Finland’s beauty hasn’t changed since he went from being an amateur to a professional photographer. He doesn’t care about the weather and goes out in it anyway, even when it’s freezing. Here are some of his favorite works that show how hard he works and how talented he is. As Oscar Keserci’s journey goes on, his unique view combines his Greek roots with the landscapes of Finland to create a compelling artistic story.

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#1 Memories

#2 Magical Sunrise

#3 Night Show

#4 The Portrait

#5 Morning Light

#6 Foggy Morning

#07 Pier Of Dreams

Pier Of Dreams

#8 Cute Bear

#9 Galactic Tree

Galactic Tree

#10 Frozen Sea

#11 The Meeting

#12 The Running Bear

#13 Alone

#14 The Perfect Night

#15 Winterland

#16 Night Lake

#17 Summer Sunset

#18 Misty Sunrise

#19 Galactic Coast

Galactic Coast


Winter Forest