There are a lot of well-known companies all over the world that have been successful in hiding their massive secrets from the general public. These secrets can be regarding products, collaborations, or forthcoming initiatives and events.

However, there are a great number of well-known companies operating in a variety of other markets that, when it comes to discussing their operations, keep their mouths firmly shut.

One user of Reddit posed the following question to other participants on the platform in order to learn more about the activities that take place behind closed doors: “What dirty little secret does your profession hide that the consumer should know?”

It garnered more than 9 thousand comments. Below, we have compiled 20 of the most intriguing responses that the thread has ever received.

These discoveries aren’t going to stop here. People have also started disclosing the details of their expiring non-disclosure agreements. Have a look at them in this space!


The larger the menu at a restaurant the greater the chance your food was frozen and just reheated.


Pilot here

Most of the time, telling someone to turn off their cell phone doesn’t make a difference. But, that is what it is. 1% of the time, we worry about something. Most cell phones today, like iPhones and Androids, don’t use the same frequency as the equipment we’re worried about, but that one guy with that cell phone made in Mongolia in 1996 is going to ruin it for everyone.

Could we spend more time going through everyone’s electronics and telling them, “You can use this, this, and this, but not that unless we are over 14,500 feet?” We could, but A.) it would take forever and B.) you wouldn’t remember or get it right. So please turn it off when we’re about to land the plane.


Your beer can tops are disgusting. The best way to drink from a beer can is to pour it directly into a glass instead of wiping it clean. They get covered in feces while being stored or transported. If someone needs to get over the pallet they’re loaded on, they’ll be walked on. And I won’t even go into the disgusting things I’ve seen in beer refrigerators. Disgusting. On pallets, can don’t do well either. When cans burst, the beer within attracts flies, which hatch into maggots.

-former beer delivery guy


30 People Reveal "Dirty Little Secrets" About The Industries They Work In That Companies Try To Hide From Customers

High school teacher here: after a month of summer, I’ve already forgotten 90% of the student’s names.


30 People Reveal "Dirty Little Secrets" About The Industries They Work In That Companies Try To Hide From Customers

To do orthodontics, you only need to be a dentist, not an orthodontist. Don’t get braces or treatment for your kids or yourself unless the person doing it is a real orthodontist. It can make the difference between a 7-year treatment that works right away and an 11-month treatment that works for life.


Hotel manager. Most of the time the comforter is only changed when visibly dirty. Always take off the comforter and use the blanket in the closet, or ask them to bring you one.


I work at a place where people with special needs can live. There’s a very small chance that the staff would hurt someone in your family.

But depending on where they are put, It’s very likely that their roommates will abuse them, and the facility won’t do anything about it unless they force them to.


Customer service and satisfaction have become more important in healthcare than taking care of patients. Administrators and providers are always at odds over how to take care profitable without sacrificing quality.


Planetarium operator:

Constellations don’t matter to anyone in the space sciences. They help astronomers figure out where things are in the sky, but I bet most of them don’t know the names of more than 5 or 6 of them. I only talk about them because most people find them interesting. If my boss would let me, I would skip them.


Even with good HVAC work, there is way too much black mold in nursing homes. If you’re thinking about putting an elderly family member in one, you can see it if you look inside the air conditioner or at an air vent.


There’s a reason why the music in your bar is so loud. If you can’t keep up a conversation, you’ll drink faster and be more likely to ask for another round.


Flight simulation engineer here:

Before Sully landed his Airbus in the Hudson, the average chance of surviving a “water landing” of a commercial jet was less than 5%. The Ethiopian 767’s 29 percent of its passengers lived to tell about it. The safety card on the seat back and the life vests were just a way to make nervous passengers feel better.

Sullenberger’s method is now taught to pilots using simulators, so the chances have gone up. But if it happens in the ocean, you might survive the crash, but you will almost certainly die from exposure, hypothermia, or drowning.


Your city doesn’t spend nearly enough to make sure the infrastructure is decent.


There are some dentists who are really bad. And you most likely don’t even know it.

Most people stay with the same dentist because they like their insurance, how they treat them in the chair, and how painful the injections are. If they don’t, they won’t know what kind of work they’re getting. I’ve seen some really bad work, and I can’t tell the patient, “Hey, Dr. So-and-so did a really bad filling, and now you need a root canal because he messed up,” because it’s not right or professional. Instead, I tell them that “things happen” and that I’m to blame because the filling only lasted a year.

If you move to a new town and need a new dentist, call an endodontist in the area and ask who he goes to. They see all the work done by general dentists in the area, so you can bet they’ll go to the best one.


Your nurses and doctors talk about you in the break room.


Ramp agent here,

I deal with planes from the time they land to the time they take off.

Your bags get manhandled. We can take off and put on 150 bags in 15 minutes, but they have to get all the way from the cargo door to the middle. Since they just roll, bags with four wheels are the best thing since sliced bread.

Thrown down are sports bags that don’t have wheels. When you fly with the low-cost airline whose name rhymes with “dryin’ hair,” you don’t have a choice.


The teacher’s room for breaks? That mysterious, amazing place where no student would dare to go? It’s a table and chairs with a counter that has a sink and a microwave. There’s no fun for the teachers in there. They just plan or grade during their 15-minute lunch break.


If you ask for your drink to be “strong” but don’t want to pay for a double, we will just make it the other way around. First, the mix will go in, and then the liquor. You think it’s cool that you don’t have to pay for a double shot, and you also think we’re great bartenders.

Don’t try to be sneaky with the people who make your food or drinks.

All of you who say that when you say “strong,” you want less mixer is part of the 1% of the population that expects “less” mixer and the same amount of alcohol. The other 99 percent of people who say “strong” want free extra alcohol in their drinks. That’s true!

If you want a drink with less mixer than usual, just say “short” when you order it. We’ll make it with the same amount of alcohol but less mixer than usual.

If you want a drink with more mixer than usual, simply order it “tall.” We’ll use the same amount of alcohol but more mixer than usual.


Lots and lots and lots and LOTS of animals die in the process of making your medicines. Get used to the idea.


Screen printing shops are dirty as f**k and you should ALWAYS wash new shirts before wearing them.