Depending on our backgrounds, we all develop different skills as we grow up. A person who grew up on a farm will know how to milk a cow, and a person who grew up in a city will know when traffic gets bad so that they can avoid it. These skills and knowledge can be learned through experience or by being taught, but even if you need them, that doesn’t mean you automatically have them.

Redditors noticed that some people lacked what they thought was basic knowledge, so when user ej1273 asked, “What’s considered basic knowledge that many people don’t know?” People shared what they thought was missing and helped others fill in the gaps.

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#1 Vaccines do not cause autism.

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#2 Bad choices don’t generate homelessness. It’s usually triggered by external factors. Homelessness is tougher to overcome than most people imagine.

40 People Who Have Noticed An Alarming Number Of Individuals Not Knowing Basic Facts Share What They Are

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#3 That forgetting your headphones doesn’t mean we want to hear you scrolling through tiktok on the bus

40 People Who Have Noticed An Alarming Number Of Individuals Not Knowing Basic Facts Share What They Are

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#4 If you play music on your phone at full volume, it won’t sound good or make you look cool

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#5 How to say please and thank you

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#6 The “essential” in essential oils does not mean essential for human health.

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#7 Yelling louder doesn’t make you more correct.

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#8 To not stand in the middle of the sidewalk and talk, forcing everyone else to move.

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#9 Wet hair won’t give you a cold if you walk outside with it.

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#10 Ride a bike WITH traffic. Walk or run AGAINST traffic.

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#11 The left lane is not a hangout lane. Either pass or get the hell out of the left lane.

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#12 That your local pharmacy has no control over how your medicines are made.

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Why is there no cough medicine? I have no idea. Maybe a factory in Ukraine blew up and they’re our main supplier. Maybe Jeff pressed the wrong button and tainted all the medicines on the production line. I DON’T KNOW.

Yes, I am aware that there is a pandemic going on right now. Thanks for reminding me.

I hate everyone.

#13 Shopping carts don’t belong in parking stalls

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#14 Ladies, don’t flush your tampons.

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Don’t flush tampons, ladies. It’s horrible and produces lots of problems whether you’re on municipal sewer or septic.

#15 that alcohol is a depressant, not a stimulant.

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#16 ZIPPERING, the method of keeping a sustained stream of traffic from both sides be it merging or whatever.

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#17 Credit cards

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When you buy something with a credit card, you take out a short-term loan with a high interest rate. If you don’t pay it off by the end of the month, interest will be added to the loan.

#18 How not to fall for a very obvious scam on the internet

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#19 Drinking alcohol makes a person FEEL warmer but you’re much more susceptible to freezing to death.

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#20 Measure twice, cut once