“Fridge Detective” is a subreddit where people post pictures of what’s in their fridge and others try to figure out things about them and their lives based on the picture alone.

Often, the person who posted the question will join the conversation to congratulate those who guessed right or point people in the right direction if they are having trouble.

We will, however, invite you to look inside people’s refrigerators and see how colorful and messy they can be. Who knew that this kitchen tool was kind of like a mirror?

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#1 Noodle Is #1 Fridge Detective

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#2 Enlighten Me

Image source: SassMasterRecon

#3 What Can You Tell?

Image source: lazy_sleeper67

We usually make more food for more people during the holidays than at any other time of the year. So let’s get ready for it.

Also, Marguerite Preston, a pastry chef in New York who has worked in professional kitchens, says that once you have a system in place, it should be a lot easier to keep your fridge clean.

“Take everything out of your fridge before you do anything else, I mean all of it. Take care of the moldy meat sauce you’ve been avoiding and take stock of all your condiments. When it’s time to put food back in the fridge, don’t treat it like a junk drawer,” Preston said.

#4 Who Am I?

Who Am I?

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#5 Whose Fridge Is This?

Image source: soscofflaw

#6 Looks Like Our Jobs Might Be In Trouble

Image source: BanAllPineapplesbeetledrink.tumblr.com

She says that different kinds of things should go in different places. “Your fridge probably has some built-in zones, like a crisper drawer and a cheese drawer, but you can make more with trays or bins.”

“Smaller containers are often kept together in restaurants on rimmed baking sheets, which make it easy to get a better look. Clear bins work best for loose items like lemons. I use these Rubbermaid Commercial Food Storage Containers for everything, but the Container Store also has bins that are made to fit in your fridge,” Preston said.

#7 Fridge

Image source: krasniimishka

#8 Just An Ordinary Fridge, Nothing To See Here!

Just An Ordinary Fridge, Nothing To See Here!

Image source: mrspencernorth

#9 No Milk, Only Cat

Image source: ThePointlessTimes

Preston keeps the basic ingredients that her family uses every day, like mayonnaise, yogurt, nut butter, and our bin of lemons and limes, on her lazy Susan so that they are always easy to get to.

“Most fridges are coldest at the back and bottom, warmer on the top shelf, and warmest in the door. So the door is great for long-lasting condiments like jam, mustard, and hot sauce, but try not to store milk there unless you plan to drink it quickly.” Preston said.

#10 Couldn’t Make It Up Even If I Wanted To

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#11 Hmmmm

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#12 Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? Hmmm

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“Raw meat should always go at the bottom of the fridge,” she said. “Not only is it colder there, but you don’t want a leaking package of chicken juice dripping all over the other food.”

“You better always try to follow the FIFO (first in, first out) rule, which is easier to follow when you use trays or bins because you can pull everything out.”

#13 Fire Away

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#14 Who Am I And Why Do I Exist

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#15 What Can You Deduce

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#16 We All Want These Snacks

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#17 This LEGO Stand Has Been Holding Up My Fridge Stand For 4 Years

Image source: AHappyTeddyBear12

#18 Who Is This?

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#19 My Cheese Fridge Brings All The Boys To The Yard

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#20 This Person… Idw Them But This Person

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