Most things change over time, for good or bad. Nothing stays the same. That is the fundamental rule of nature. However, some things stand the test of time better than others, and it’s fascinating to see the contrast between old and new photos of the same place, taken years apart. The Old Photos in Real Life subreddit has a large collection of such photos. Shared “then-and-now” photos with side-by-side comparisons show how some things change over time and others stay the same. Take a look at some of the most amazing posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Tunnel Rock At Sequoia National Park, 1952 And 2020

Image source: Eddielowfilthslayer

#2 Odessa, Ukraine 1942- And Today

Image source: Happyintexas

#3 Holland, 82-2020

Image source: -Johnny-

#4 Chróstnik Palace 2009 vs. 2021. Chróstnik, Lubin County, Poland.

Image source: Sexy_Ola_93

# 5 This is a wonderful 1915 Pasadena Craftsman in Bunglsow Heaven that I had the pleasure of purchasing and restoring a few years ago. Although this home was only 950 square feet, it took almost 2 years to complete the renovations due to working with the historical society and the City of Pasadena granting approval.

Image source: Viral-Eye

#6 Borodyanka, Ukraine – Before The War And Today

Image source: ViciousNakedMoleRat

#7 Edinburgh, Scotland

Image source: icantfixtheliquids

#8 Family Farmhouse 1912-2022 (I’d Especially Like To Note That The Green Bench Has Been On The Front Porch For At Least 110 Years)

Image source: CodeE42

#9 Hiking On The Faroes Guided By The Old Cairns

Image source: PaulePeterson

#10 Edinburgh Princes Street, 1996 – Now

Image source: Scottish-c**t

#11 Nickelodeon Studios In The 90’s vs. The Same Building Today

Image source: borshctbeet

#12 Railway Station In Okhtyrka, Ukraine

Image source: IraStegnii

#13 Moore Hall, Ireland, 1800s vs. Today

Image source: Jamiegrr

#14 For the first time in 76 years, WWII veteran Robert White is near where he landed after jumping into Germany in March 1945. He was a paratrooper with the 17th Airborne Division.

Image source: DiosMioMan2

#15 Captured Japanese Mini Submarine In The Aleutian Islands, 1943 And 2021

Image source: ridjxn

#16 The Lincoln Memorial In 1920 Before The Reflecting Pool Was Built.

Image source: dudewheresmycars

#17 The Mahabodhi Temple At Bodh Gaya, India, As Seen From A Second Century Plaque And How It Looks Like Today

Image source: reeeeeeeeeetarded

#18 Newcastle Castle, UK – 1895 To 2022

Image source: pickindim_kmet

#19 Sas-Bahu Temple, Gwalior Fort, Gwalior, India. 1869 And 2019. The Temple Was Built In 1093.

Image source: 1NbSHXj3

#20 Times Square A Few Years Apart

Image source: chazwazzle