The cost of living is going up very quickly all over the world. When we went there recently to get a burger and fries, we saw that the price had gone up three times while the size of the food had shrunk three times. The meatball isn’t even close to what it used to be, and the price is a big difference from the quality drop.

People all over the world are coming to these frustrating realizations as they see more and more things whose prices have gone up a lot due to global inflation. People on the website Reddit took to the comments section to talk about how upset they were about the situation and to share their feelings about the things they used to love and enjoy often but can’t afford to buy any more

#1 Rent.

Image source: someunameAaron Sousa / Unsplash

#2 Fruit. How the f**k is a cantaloupe $8.00???

Image source: X_PRSNk7388-11

#3 Old subway commercial was 5$ footlong, 15$ dollar foot long doesn’t quite have the same jingle to it.

Image source: hermit22Famartin / Wikipedia

#4 Toilet paper.

Image source: MOKGCBALVlada Karpovich / Pexels

#5 In general, fast food. Five guys and McDonald’s in particular. Why does a burger, fries, and a coke cost the same as a full-service restaurant?

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#6 I usually don’t brag about owning expensive things, but I just left the grocery store.

Image source: ActuarybaGreta Hoffman / Pexels

#7 Sanitary pads.

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#8 Bras are completely crazy. Furthermore, you cannot skimp on them. Since I recently lost weight, I had to get new bras. I had to cry.

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#9 Canned Tuna. (The cheaper stuff tastes like c**p and why do they put a picture of a cat on it?)

Image source: Fit-Let8175needpix

#10 Potato chips. I’ve lost ten pounds. My doctor says that inflation is the best thing that could have happened to me. No joke.

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#11 Auto insurance.

Image source: notyourregularninjaVlad Deep / Pexels

#12 Diapers being $48 a box is wild.

Image source: lilfatiRDNE Stock project / Pexels

#13 Deodorant! It’s over $8.

Image source: hockeyhon

#14 Concert tickets. I mean I don’t buy them anymore, but when I go to buy them… I don’t.

Image source: TimeForALobotomyWendy Wei / Pexels

#15 A home. I know this isn’t “every time you buy it,” but whenever I peruse properties for sale in my region, I wonder, “How does anyone save up enough for a 10% down payment?” Let alone pay the mortgage with current interest rates.

Image source: OkToday1023Luis Yanez

#16 Baby Formula.

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#17 Razor blades. What the hell? You would think these are individually forged by hand by master craftsmen.

Image source: Maverick_1882SteveBuissinne / Freerangestock

#18 I’m old enough to remember when ramen was 10/$1.

Image source: Chicken65Mobius6 / Wikipedia

#19 Prescription medicine.

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#20 Looked at a magazine while standing in the grocery store check out. Magazine was $15!

Image source: smh-at_you2Faruk Canpolat / Pexels