20 Times Tattoo Owners Proudly Put Their New Tattoos Online, Only To Realize They Made A Mistake

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What’s worse than being stuck with a botched tattoo design for the rest of your life? being publicly shamed online for that disastrous blunder. Tattoo concepts that went horribly wrong and were mocked online are collected here.

Whether it was a missing letter or an error in spelling, all these awful tattoos were a spectacular failure, and now the world knows about them. Just scroll down to see these tattoos gone wrong, and don’t forget to share from your side

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#1 New Tattoo

New Tattoo

Image credit: catsmustdie

#2 Love Overcomes All Obstacles

Love Overcomes All Obstacles

#3 Penta – 5 Points

Penta - 5 Points

#4 Picnic Table

Picnic Table

#5 The religiously devoted girl who posts a lot of status updates ended up showing off her tattoo.

Girl Who Posts A Lot Of Religiously Passionate Statuses Ended Up Showing Off Her Tattoo

Image credit : AbstractSkylines

#6 Family Is Everithing

Family Is Everithing

#7 Welfare Is Always There

Welfare Is Always There

#8 Life Go’s On

Life Go's On

#9  Patients Is A Virtue

Patients Is A Virtue

#10 What’s “Shutterstock”?

What's "Shutterstock"?

#11 Anchors Sink! Why Is That So Hard To Understand?

Anchors Sink! Why Is That So Hard To Understand?

Image credit : Shadrack_Meshax

#12  Just Change Birth Certificate

Just Change Birth Certificate

#13 My Friend Posted His First Tattoo On Fb Today. There Was A Minor Problem

My Friend Posted His First Tattoo On Fb Today. There Was A Minor Problem

Image credit: brdavi

#14  Brutal Honesty About New Tattoos

Brutal Honesty About New Tattoos

Image credit: Alexander_Supertramp

#15  Never Loose Hope

Never Loose Hope

#16  Amor Vincit Omina

Amor Vincit Omina

Image credit: RyanIsYoDaddy

#17 Failed To Mention Something

Failed To Mention Something

#18 Your


#19 Spelling Error

Spelling Error

#20  Who’s Is Your Tattoo Artist?

Who's Is Your Tattoo Artist?

Image credit:mrs-monroe


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