Equality is the Holy Grail of mankind and the foundation of most value systems, but we haven’t gotten all of its benefits yet. Sure, our society has changed a lot for the better in the last, say, 100 years, but we still have a long way to go. The many double standards that still divide people today are the perfect example of this.

According to the definition, a double standard is a rule or concept that is applied differently to different people or groups. Gender equality is still the most well-known example of double standards. What’s usually fine for guys is not okay for women to do. From beach clothes to bosses who are women, society always has something to say about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Here is a list of insightful illustrations that show the uncomfortable truth behind some everyday scenarios. It’s mildly disturbing how true they are. From these pictures, it’s clear that words like “gender equality” are sometimes used as nothing more than catchphrases. Scroll down to see the proof for yourself, and send it to your friends.

#1 Work Rules

Work Rules

Sunny Street

#2 Fakes And Posers

Fakes And Posers


#3 Body Standards

Body Standards


#4 Double Standards For Parents

Double Standards For Parents

Chaunie Brusie

#5 Double Standards On Emotions

Double Standards On Emotions

Robot Hugs

#6 Shameless Girls

Shameless Girls

Brown Paperbag

#7  Double Standards

Double Standards

For Better Or For Worse

8 Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Matt Bors

#9  Girls vs. Boys

Girls vs. Boys


#10 Double Standards On Young Girls

Double Standards On Young Girls


#11 Dad Bod vs. Mom Bod

Dad Bod vs. Mom Bod


#12 Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment


13Things You Can Only Do With Boys

Things You Can Only Do With Boys

Last Place Comics

#14 Double Standards

Double Standards

Scott Adams

#15 Appearance Standards

Appearance Standards

John Lydgate

#16 Acceptable vs. Unacceptable

Acceptable vs. Unacceptable

Justin Hubbell

#17 Double Standards

Double Standards


#18 Men And Women

Men And Women

Everyday feminism

#19 Standards For Dressing

Standards For Dressing

John Lydgate

#20 Double Standards In The Workplace

Double Standards In The Workplace

Daisy Bernard

#21 Double Standards

Double Standards

David Horsey

#22 Clothing Standards

Clothing Standards


#23 Body Image Standards

Body Image Standards

Scott Metzger

#24 Boys vs. Girls

Boys vs. Girls

Archie Comics

#25 Double Standards

Double Standards

Anna Maria Jung