Get ready to dive into the strange things that happen every day in Brazil, because we have something special for you. Welcome to the fascinating world of “A Normal Day in Brazil,” a subreddit that shows the heart and soul of this big country through “interesting, funny, weird, and awkward” moments.

In a country known for its lively culture and people, you might find some strange and funny things that make you raise an eyebrow or laugh out loud. Imagine a Brazilian prisoner digging a tunnel to get out, only to emerge in a guard room, or a classroom where tropical birds make the day more interesting. You can’t help but smile when you see these amazing things.

Scroll down to find out more about the beautiful mess of daily life in Brazil.

#1 How Hot Is It Outside?

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#2 *confused Datena Noises*

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These pictures show some of the interesting things that happen every day in Brazil. We also have some interesting facts about this interesting country for you. Did you know that Brazilians love their favorite shoes, flip-flops (also called “chinelos”), in a very public way? People wear these rubber shoes everywhere, not just at the beach. You’ll see them in fancy restaurants and at business meetings. It’s a style that’s easygoing and useful, just like the people of Brazil.

#3 My Hotel Room Has Such A Nice View!! Wait A Minute

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#4 Brazil’s President Dealing With Important Matters

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#5 Burn Unit Mascot In Brazil

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And since we’re talking about relaxed, it seems like time in Brazil has its own rules. In Brazil, where events often start later than planned, “Brazilian time” is a traditional norm. So, if you’re told an event starts at 7, don’t be surprised if things don’t really get going until closer to 8. It’s a cute quirk that shows how Brazilians value living in the moment more than being strict about the time.

#6 So Here’s A Federal Senator (Or A State Representative)

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#7 The Marine Police Force Of Rio De Janeiro In Action

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Brazilians are born with a sense of rhythm, and you might see them dancing in places you wouldn’t expect. From unplanned samba sessions in the streets to impromptu drum circles, you’ll quickly learn that music is a language that everyone speaks.

So, there you have it: a look at some of the interesting, funny, and sometimes amazingly awkward parts of daily life in Brazil.

#8 Bus Station In Brazil Takes In Stray Dogs And Makes Them Special Beds To Protect Them From The Winter Cold

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#9 I See Your Australian Spiders, And Raise You

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#10 Delivery Man

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#11 So Here’s A Flying Capybara

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#12 That’s One Loyal Parrot

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#13 Have You Ever Been So Drunk?

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#14 This Guy Tried To Rob A Tattoo Artist In Brazil

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#15 I Don’t Want No Trouble, Officer

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#16 Construction Workers In Brazil Cemented A Car On A Pavement After Its Driver Refused To Move It

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#17 Mayor Prohibits Bars From Putting Tables On Sidewalks. Here Is Their Solution

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#18 Money Found In The Apartment Of A Brazilian Politician, Geddel Vieira Lima

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#19 You’ll Get That Present Whether You Like It Or Not

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#20 When You Look In A Mirror, You Gaze Into Your Soul

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#21 Brazilian Monk Adopted A Dog And Made Him One Of Their Own

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#22 Trying To Get Home – Rio De Janeiro

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#23 “The Evolution Of A Married Man”

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#24 How Bad Is Crime In Brazil?

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#25 Brazil’s Newest Off Duty Cop

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