If you think that the glass is half full, you probably look at life in a good way. If you always look for the good in things, you might even start to feel lucky.

People who thought they were lucky took pictures of their good fortune to share the joy of happiness. From a person who won the lottery to someone who met 90s superstar Eminem, these pictures show that with a little luck, almost anything is possible.

#1 Today, I met the Michael G. Scott. Steve Carell is very kind and just as funny in person as he is on TV.

Image source: English_Muffin1

#2 My son Neo met someone who shares his name. Extra: My name is Konstantin.

Image source: DerDieDas

#3 I Got Her Back After Five Years

I took care of her for six months five years ago. When I had to give her back to her people, I cried like a baby. I thought so much of her and talked about how much I missed her. Every night, she would sleep with me. She was there all the time.

A few days ago, the same person sent me a text message asking if there was any way I could take her again, but this time for good. Why wouldn’t I say yes?

She remembered me, and now everything is back to the way it was. Five years have passed, and she is now 16 and in good health. I hope that she will love spending the rest of her life with me. I’m so glad to have her back.

#4 Finally Found My First Megalodon Tooth After Years Of Hunting Shark Teeth

Image source: Elthimon

#5 After Hurricane Dorian, I decided to go on a little adventure. I found the following:

Image source: Elthimon

#6 I Drove Over 100 Miles With All Of My Keys Sitting Right Here. Karma Was Definitely On My Side

Image source: tinytrailerbigadventure

#7 I Had To Work Christmas Eve. My boss sent us Christmas cards with scratch-off lottery tickets. My eyes still don’t believe. Literally shaking. This literally rescued Christmas last minute..

Image source: fleshflavoredgum

#8 The elderly dog she adopted was the same dog she had as a child. The dog’s microchip confirmed its identity.

Image source: Nicole Grimes

#9 My friend and I replaced Christmas with Brucemas, exchanging Bruce Willis-themed gifts. I Win Forever. It’s Real

Image source: TylentGreen

#10 Taking A Picture Like This

Image source: pythagoreal

#11 If I Were To Ever Go Back To Work, I’m Putting This On My Resume As Perhaps My Greatest Accomplishment

Image source: jennygogliotti

#12 Found This In The Crawl Space Above My Bedroom

Image source: Whiskey___Neat

#13 Roman Coin I Found In France While Metal Detecting. Emperor Constantine I. Minted In Trier (Treveri) Germany. Bronze, A.D. 306-337

Image source: bitcoinsucksass

#14 This Is A 1969 Dollar Bill We Found In My Dad’s Small Money Collection With A 00000001 Serial Number

Image source: Miss_Behaves

#15 This was on my porch when I got home from work. I called the pizza place to notify them, no answer. The customer lived in this house when I called. We had a lovely conversation as strangers and I was told I could keep and eat the pizza!

Image source: CandidEstablishment0

#16 I Thought I Lost My Wedding Ring on a Cross-Country Road Trip for a Month. I Never Saw It Again After Realizing It Was Under My Husband’s Deodorant

Image source: roseazom

#17 As A Tall Man, This Was Like Winning The Lottery

Image source: mrblahblahblah

#18 My Wife Went To The Gasparilla Bowl And Jokingly Said “Look For Me On TV!” Guess Who I Saw On TV?

Image source: snow1868

#19 Meeting Keanu Reeves At A Traffic Light

Image source: unknown_human

#20 My Dad Is The Macy’s Santa In Seattle. Today He Got To Meet A Legend

Image source: FlyingCrunkman

#21 Snow fell in Rostov today. Unbelievable Luck for Two Mechnikov Street Car Owners

Image source: Proper-Sock4721

#22 Nailed It

Image source: blackbanhmi

#23 Finally comfortable with myself and lucky enough to go on my first date at 31 and more luckier to get asked on a second.

Image source: cyguyr

#24 About 15 Seconds After Getting Out Of The Car

Image source: ThirstGoblin

#25 My Cousin Hit The Jackpot At The Arcade Last Week