Learning about the world is always interesting, and there’s always more to discover. The world is a very big place, and China has one of the biggest land masses. Because it is so big, it has a lot of different cultures, buildings, climates, artefacts, and even landscapes.

Today, we look at different parts of China, including their landscapes and innovations. As you can see in the pictures below, this country has a lot to give. It has beautiful views and interesting new things.

#1 KFC China Has 2-In-1 Fried Chicken Plus Coke, Known As Lazy Cup

Image source: tvz32

#2 Buildings In Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Image source: nickkuratnik

#3 Chengdu Tea Master

Image source: nardus_smith

When I was in Chengdu, I was looking for a tea house that I saw online a long time ago. It took a while, but I was able to find an address online that took me to the outskirts of town.

When I arrived at the tea village, I saw that many shops and tea houses were closed. I thought this tea room might be closed so I can’t go.

I’ve been looking around for a while and found this nice gentleman who owns one of the tea houses. We chatted for a while and he was kind enough to let me take his picture.I offered him tea and the show started.

#4 There’s A Solar Farm In China Shaped Like A Panda

Image source: Chris_Isur_Dude

#5 Fairytale Castle, Guizhou, China

Image source: kwok4

#6 Yipianwachan Temple In Mount Taimu

Image source: hwang199

#7 Chinese statue of the warrior god Guan Hu, standing 58 meters high and weighing 1,197 tons.

Image source: SifaV6

#8 The Great Wall of China comes to an end here. Even if it must end eventually, it is nonetheless strange to witness.

Image source: S.flaischlen

#9 China’s Foshan is home to this Vertical Forest. The lush vegetation surrounding this building protects against air pollution by absorbing CO2 and generating oxygen.

Image source: 5.12

#10 Yang’asha, a deity revered by the Miao, a local ethnic group in Guizhou, China, is shown in the 88-Meter-High Statue.

Image source:  w.n__t

#11 Massive “Buddha’s Palm,” a work of earth art. The palm covers an area of 40,000 square meters, which is equivalent to six soccer fields.

Image source: Google Maps

#12 Avatar Mountains in Zhangjiajie, China, which served as the model for Pandora. P.S. This Echo Is Amazing.

Image source: ahhlewJohn Philip

#13 Snack Serving Robot In China Upset With Me Because I Didn’t Take Any Snacks

Image source: sealion7

#14 This UV Handrail Sterilizer On An Escalator In Hong Kong

Image source: ceowin

#15 Ice Castle In China

Image source: nk7

#16 For children with disabilities, this Hong Kong carousel has a sea turtle mounted to the floor.

Image source: cuttyranking

#17 Entrance Exam For An Art School In China

#18 Very Cyberpunk Scene In China, Photo By My Friend In Suzhou

Image source: nonemaw

#19 These lovely rice terraces have been providing water for crops in 82 villages for more than a thousand years

Image source: Jialiang Gao

#20 Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park

Image source: furstset

#21 Shared Pool At A Housing Complex In China

Image source: Alex

#22 Guilin, China’s Xingping, a little village on the banks of the Li River, is surrounded by mountains.

Image source: jordhammond

#23 These Balconies In Guiyang, China

Image source: jordhammondjordhammond

#24 A Bar Hidden Behind An Old Coca-Cola Machine In Shanghai, China

Image source: albertocaiola.com

#25 A Special Underground Hotel in Shanghai. It makes use of a deserted quarry, and the bottom two levels are entirely submerged.

Image source: modengshanghaihitominnn_8