On Saturday, May 6, 2023, King Charles III was crowned as the new king of Britain. The whole world watched. More than 2,000 people came to the beautiful event, but even something as important as this can’t stop the cheeky British sense of humor.

After the coronation, people who were amused have been posting their funniest comments online. We’ve put together some of our favorites below. Whether you watched the coronation live or not, we hope you enjoy these funny responses that find the funny side of the whole thing.

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It’s always a big deal when a new king or queen is crowned, but in this case, it’s been a very long time since Britain crowned a new ruler. Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on June 2, 1953. She died in September 2022, which was a sad time. It was the first coronation that was shown on TV and heard all over the world on the radio. About 11 million people around the world listened to the wedding on their radios, and 27 million Brits watched it live on TV. King Charles III was only 4 years old at the time. Now, at age 74, he sits on the throne that his mother used to have.

A coronation in 2023 will be very different from one in 1947. This time, about 20 million people in the UK watched at least part of the coronation, and a huge 400 million people in other parts of the world did the same. But technology has had an effect on this crowning in more ways than just making it easier for people to watch. It’s also made it easy for those of us who watched to make fun of the whole thing online. People on Twitter are always excited to share memes and funny comments after a big event, and this coronation was no different.


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#5 Look at me Rex Banner, I have a new crown.

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There’s no doubt that the coronation was a fancy and impressive event, but it’s also easy to poke fun at some parts of it. For instance, the Gold State Coach that took the king and queen through London weighs 4 tons and can only be moved at a walking pace. It looks like something from a movie that took place hundreds of years ago. It looks very out of place in modern London, where people are wearing clothes from the year 2023. Also, there are smartphones everywhere at the event, and Katy Perry was seen at Westminster Abbey taking selfies with other guests.

The people themselves were also funny, which made the whole thing even funnier. The service lasted more than two hours, but the live show on YouTube goes on for more than six hours. With all that footage and more than 2,000 people there, it was inevitable that the cameras would catch some funny moments. One of them was that singer Katy Perry couldn’t find her seat and just stood around looking lost and confused. In another picture, what looked like the Grim Reaper walking by the ceremony was shown.


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Another strange thing that people saw at the crowning was a person who looked like they were wearing a very obvious disguise. People on the internet had a lot of ideas about who it could be, including Meghan Markle, who didn’t go to the event. The person behind this “mask,” however, turned out to be Sir Karl Jenkins, and he wasn’t even trying to be someone else. Jenkins is the son of a Swedish mother and a Welsh father. He is a composer and musician who is known for works like Adiemus, the Adiemus record series, Palladio, The Armed Man, and his Requiem. It turns out that he was just there as himself at the historic moment.


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There are parts of the ritual that make it feel like it took place in the past, but there were also parts that showed more modern ideas. For example, the archbishop talked about the different religions that people in the UK follow and said that the Church of England will try to create a place where people of all religions can live freely.

Even though UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak read from the Bible at the coronation, there was also gospel music, which was a nice touch and a first for any coronation. CNN said that five new pieces were written just for the main part of the service, and Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has written many hit musicals like Cats and Phantom of the Opera, wrote an anthem for the event.


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Some well-known people were among the 2,300 people who went to the crowning. All of the UK’s former prime ministers who are still alive were there, along with 100 world leaders and dozens of members of foreign royal families. “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen, and European Council President Charles Michel all attended the service, as did French President Emmanuel Macron,” CNN said. Even though President Joe Biden wasn’t able to go, his wife Jill did go to London with their granddaughter Finnegan.


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Many famous people, like singers Lionel Richie and Katy Perry, musician Nick Cave, actors Emma Thompson, Maggie Smith, Joanna Lumley, and Judi Dench, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, and TV host Stephen Fry, were also happy to be there. Even though Prince Harry has had a rocky relationship with the rest of the royal family, he still made it to his father’s 

Even though Saturday was a happy day, the royal family still has work to do. A CNN study found that more Brits say their feelings about the monarchy have gotten worse over the past ten years than say they have gotten better. Adults aged 55 or older were about 10 percentage points more likely to be interested in the crown than younger adults. This is because many younger Brits don’t care much about the royal family and don’t think it has anything to do with their lives.


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