Superheroes emerge from a world rich in variety, each with their own set of extraordinary characteristics. But whether or not you’ve encountered them, everyday life is filled with actual superheroes. 
All children have been informed by their parents that they are unique individuals, or “special snowflakes,” at some point in their lives. Of course, there must be people in the world with even more remarkable human genomes. Here are some images of people who have extremely rare genetic abnormalities that may cause you to take a second look. Check it out down below, and don’t forget to tell your friends about it!

#1 Iris Is Split In Half

Image Credits: anpeneMatt

#2 Child Got A Thumb From Each Parent

Image Credits: ChewyPickle

#3 Born Without A Nail On A Finger. So Due To Popular Demand, she Put Google Eyes On It

Image Credits: nofapventure,nofapventure

#4 Only Four Fingers On the Left Hand, And Have And Index Finger Instead Of My Thumb

Image Credits:evan4765

#5 Born With A Scar On Eye

Image Credits: Spikenws

#6 Left Eye Is About 1/3 Grey

Image Credits: Nico_LaBras

#7 Have Tentacles Under My Tongue- Apparently Not Everyone Does?

Image Credits: SligPants

#8  Five Fingers, No Thumb

Image Credits: Lamont_

#9 Right Thumb Is Unable To Bend

Image Credits: Breapop

#10 Little Finger Is the Biggest Finger

Image Credits: SurvivalFish

#11 Have A Single Line Across the Palm

Image Credits: Conkuro-kun

#12 Chimeras Are Organisms With Two Different Sets Of DNA. Human Chimerism Is Rare, But Its Characteristics Are: Two Distinct Red Blood Cell Lineages Or Skin Pigmentation

Image Credits:taylormuhl

#13 I Have Abnormally Long Arms

Image Credits: Sonia13m

#14 Mother And Child With Poliosis

Image Credits:  fatima.theo.gomes

#15 I Have Vitiligo And Heterochromia

Image Credits: brysizzlle

#16 My dad has pre-axial polydactyly or bifid thumb. 1/1000 babies have it. Uber deliveryman’s thumb

Image Credits: n-chung

#17 My Name Is Sara I Have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Image Credits: sarageurts

#18 Melanocytic Nevus Present at Birth. It looks like a small, brown-to-black patch that can cover any size surface and any part of the body.

Image Credits: libmolano

#19 Heterochromia

Image Credits:

#20 I Traced Around My Vitiligo Spots

Image Credits:oldmate-58

#21 Sectoral Heterochromia. People Always Comment On My Eyes, So I Thought I Should Post A Picture

Image Credits: M_for_Minion

#22 Neonatal progeria or HGS. A genetic disorder that causes children to age quickly in their first two years.

Image Credits: eline_leonie_eline_leonie_

#23 Unique Birthmark

Image Credits:carolgiraldelli

#24 I Had No Fingernails All My Life

Image Credits: tecnikstr0be

#25 My Hands After Washing The Dishes For 20 Minutes

Image Credits: TheProjectAlexander

#26  I Have Skeeter Syndrome (Allergic To Mosquito Salvia)

Image Credits: sphynxlover1

#27  Birthmark In the Eye

Image Credits:  RobienStPierre

#28 I Have Somewhat Long Thumbs

Image Credits: LillyWhiteArt

#29 Hypertrichosis. Jesus Was Born With A Rare Genetic Mutation Called Hypertrichosis, Which Has Left Him With Excessive Hair Growth That Can Occur Anywhere On The Body

Image Credits: borndifferentshow

#30 Waardenburg syndrome is a rare and unusual genetic condition. It can make people lose their hearing and change the color of their hair, skin, and eyes.

Image Credits:geo.rock888geo.rock888