Most people get tired after sitting on a plane for hours and hours. Not to mention waiting in line to get your bags when all you want is a warm bed and a home-cooked meal. There is, however, a great way to make the welcome home the best part of anyone’s trip. All you have to do is go to the airport with some creativity and the funniest sign you can find.

Bored Panda has put together a list of some of the most memorable airport pick-up signs that everyone in the arrivals hall would have seen to give you ideas for how to meet your loved ones. From a baby waiting to meet his parents for the first time to a family welcoming home their mom who just got out of jail, these funny signs were full of feelings and laughs. Scroll down to see for yourself how funny these airport signs are.

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#1 May The 4th Be With You. Darth Vader Arriving At DIA

Image source: Scripps Media

#2 My Friend Just Got Home From A Trip. This Was Her Family Greeting Her At The Airport

Image source: richardec

#3 Cole Tesar, A Soldier From Bellevue, Got Hom. His Baby Girl-He Has Never Met-Was Waiting For Him With This Sign

Image source:  Logan Tesar

#4 My Friend’s Daughter Just Flew By Herself For The First Time. This Was How He Greeted Her At The Airport

Image source: eldy50

#5 Kid Made A Sign For Grandma And Grandpa’s Arrival. It’s Getting A Lot Of Smiles At The Airport While We Wait

Image source: joeboughner

#6 When Your Mate Says He’ll Pick You Up From The Airport On Christmas Eve

Image source: smacktip

#7 This Family At The Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Image source: RockSta-holic

#8 How I Greet My Straight Friends At The Airport (I Never Got A Straight Answer)

Image source: markmyw0rds

#9 When I picked up my mother after a long trip abroad, I thought the best way to show how much I loved her was to make her feel bad.

Image source: jcsparkels

#10 Embarrassed The Wife At The Airport In Front Of Several Coworkers And Her Boss. She Loved It

Image source: Blastergv9

#11 My Neighbor Asked Me To Pick Her Up From The Airport; I Hope She Likes The Sign I Made

Image source: GrahamParkerME

#12 The Challenges Of Picking Up A Metalband From The Airport

Image source: Bartjeking

#13 My Air Force Brother-In-Law Is Coming Home For The Birth Of His Son/ My Nephew. I’m Picking Him Up From The Airport

Image source: Arcadius989

#14 Ever Want To Punch Your Little Brother Before?

Image source: ramblindan

#15 Welcome Home

#16 This Is How My Friend’s Dad Greeted Her At The Airport Yesterday. Best Dad Ever

Image source: rhapsodyinpoo

#17 I’m Picking Up My Friend, ‘Chocolate Johnny,’ Who Literally Has A Chocolate Factory In Australia

Image source: DENAirport

#18 This is how my dad gets to the airport to pick me up. People were, needless to say, upset when I showed up.

Image source: Jenodd1

#19 This Is How My Mom Greeted Me At The Airport, After Having Not Seen Her For A Few Years. She Made Me Walk Through The Entire Airport Under Her Left Arm

Image source: thesircuddles

#20 How I Welcomed My Brother Home At The Airport After A Year At University

Image source: Popkin

#21 How My Friends Pick Me Up From The Airport

Image source: TheErradicator

#22 This Dad Who Picks Up His Straight Son From Airport

#23 When your boyfriend hasn’t met your best friend yet, and you send him to the airport to pick her up.

Image source: meaghanottawa

#24 This Is How I Pick My Friends Up From The Airport

Image source: ambzap

#25 These Kids I Saw At The Airport Welcoming Their Mother Back Home

Image source: PeetiePanda

#26 My Airport Sign

Image source: frankpskeletor

#27 I Believe All Teammates Should Have A Nice “Welcome Home” Sign When They Arrive At The Airport

Image source: BOBSLEDR

#28 Picked My Brother And Sister In Law Up At The Airport Today

Image source: watson13

#29 Saw This Picking My Friend Up At Sea-Tac Airport

Image source: rhymeswithvegan

#30 Just Seen Airport Welcome Sign

Image source: julian_wood

#31 The Good Daughter Always Makes Her Parents Feel Special When Doing An Airport Pickup

Image source: cheekybeck

#32 Parker Campbell, 3, Awaits The Return Of Her Dad

Image source: The National Guard

#33 What A Way To Be Met At The Airport, I’ll Need To Frame The Welcome Sign

Image source: DougieMcG

#34 Bart Simpson Requested A Taxi Pickup At The Phuket International Airport

Image source: makeflippyfloppy

#35 Two Of My Best Friends Came Into Town Today, This Is How My Boyfriend Greeted Them At The Airport

Image source: snm76

#36 When Chris And I Went To Pick Up My Parents Last Thursday From The Airport We Both Wanted To Do Something Really Embarrassing

Image source: southernbagleys

#37 Takes One To Know One

Image source: hattumaria

#38 Thanks For Reeally Pushing The Single Issue, Fam

Image source: minnie_justinebotner

#39 Sustainment Soldiers Return After Nine-Month Afghanistan Deployment

Image source: 8th Theater Sustainment Command

#40 A Warm Deployment Welcome Home

Image source: turbobacon30096