Kovtun Yuri and Burakov Egor, who run the architecture and interior design firm K&B Partners in Odessa, have designed Shell House, a modern family recreation center that will be built near the sea in Koblevo, Mykolaiv region, Ukraine.

The architect’s statement says that this is a modern family recreation center near the sea. The recreation center is made for both small, two-person families and big, four-person or more families.

The mussel, a very common mollusk in the area, is where the idea of housing comes from. The house is mostly made of wood, both in the way it is built and how it looks.

The building’s unusual shape and materials won’t leave you indifferent. The building is expected to be done by the spring of 2023.

Scroll down to see how it will look in the future.

Credit : K&B partners