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A dog in Brazil has captured the hearts of thousands of people on the internet, particularly on the video-sharing app TikTok, because of the bond between the dog and its owner. Lola is a friendly mutt who lives in So Paulo, Brazil’s capital, with José Paulo da Silva. The two of them appear to have a lot of happy and fun moments, especially when it comes to their bedtime routine, which is shown in the video below.

Lola’s life, on the other hand, was not always so happy. Lola & her sister were rescued by firefighters in the woods near an official fireman’s school in the past, according to the story. Lola’s sister was adopted not long after. While she was at school, she was entrusted to the care of a student who was fostering her.

However, due to the arrival of the pandemic, the school was forced to close, and Lola was in danger of being abandoned by her family. To keep her from being left, the school principal asked the students if any of them would be interested in adopting her. José’s stepson attended the same school and brought the situation to the attention of his stepfather. The latter agreed to adopt her immediately upon her request.

Find out more about Lola, a rescued dog. She was adopted and provided with a forever home by a man named José Paulo da Silva in Brazil at the beginning of the pandemic.

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The media reached out to José Paulo da Silva to learn a little more about the situation.

In Franco da Rocha, So Paulo, Brazil, Lola and her sister were rescued by a major on the road and transported to the military firefighter training school located in Franco da Rocha.

In addition to my stepson, more than 200 students enrolled in the training course. An unnamed student is said to have accepted responsibility for keeping Lola and her sister connected to their “life rope,” as they refer to the rope they use. They stayed in the women’s dormitory at night and attended training sessions during the day.

That’s why we’d mentioned on occasion that Lola had gone on to become a firefighter. Lola’s sister was adopted shortly after, but Lola remained. Because of the pandemic, the students were graduating one by one, and the school was forced to close. The major informed them that they needed to have Lola adopted as soon as possible.

My stepson Rafael snapped a photo of her and sent it to me, prompting me to decide to adopt her on the spot.

Lola returned home in hushed tones, her face a mask of suspicion on her face, as she had only been watching over the ‘territory’. The feeling of safety took three days to sink in.

In the past, she lived in a foster home with one of the students from the firefighter school, where she was discovered for the first time.

The following is what she looked like on her first day at her new residence.

Image credits: jps_lolaa.mariaa

Image credits: jps_lolaa.mariaa

Recent viral success was achieved by a video featuring Lola and her owner José.

The video depicts their endearingly amusing and nutritionally sound nightly routine.

Image credits: jps_lolaa.mariaa

After the video went viral, many people approached José and inquired about the camera he kept in his room.

“When it comes to the camera in my room… many people are perplexed as to why I have one. My wife has it because I was kidnapped and held captive for nine nights. Because I am undergoing cancer treatment and she lives in another city most of the time, it is a convenient way for her to keep track of everything. Only the two of us have access to the surveillance cameras.

Consequently, when the video went viral, I was surprised and perhaps even a little scared because we lost track of the number of views at one point while trying to keep up with the trend. People thanked us for the video and for making their day a little brighter. One message, in particular, stood out to me as being particularly important. A father personally thanked me for making the video because his son, who has autism, enjoyed it and continues to watch it and laugh whenever he is sad. “To be honest, this is priceless.”

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When Lola notices that her owners are about to retire for the night, she becomes a little hyperactive.

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The dog will not go to bed unless she receives extra pats and playtime from her owner.

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Jose explained to us, “Lola is very important to me because I’m undergoing cancer treatment. I suffer from depression while undergoing chemotherapy.”

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“She makes me happy, & we have a powerful bond. When my stepson brought her into the house, I discovered that I needed her right away, claiming she was “made for me.”

Image credits: jps_lolaa.mariaa