When we brought home our first dog, it jumped around and played for a while before collapsing into a puddle, its limbs twisted in bizarre positions. Animals are more adaptable than we give them credit for, and the “sploot” stance is not only common but also cute. It seems that not just pups are capable of adopting this endearing stance.

People have seen everything from owls to hogs splooting, and many have snapped photos to prove it. Lucky for us, as we now have this adorable collection to appreciate, so go on and scroll to check out some of the most adorable animal sploots from across the world shared on the subreddit r/sploot.

#1 Dude Just Sleeps Like This

Image source: Tyindorset

#2 Kitchen Sploots Are His Favourite

Image source: lexahoe

#3 Big Boye Sploot

Image source:tubbybubbies

#4 Dad Teaching Son How To Sploot

Image source: goingdownthehill

#5 Our Little Guy Ari Doing His First Sploot In His New Home

Image source: Battleaxe_Macaroni

#6 Do Bun Sploots Count?

Image source: mr_afrolicious

#7 Business In The Front, Party In The Back

Image source: GeneralReposti_Bot

#8 Smol Splooters

Image source: icant-chooseone

#9 Like Father Like Son

Image source: crispknight1

#10 Couch Corner Sploot

Image source: Joesdad65

#11 He Fell Asleep Like This. I Posted It Elsewhere Before Learning About Sploot

Image source: svrsek

#12 Backwards Sploot

Image source: yomaishimi

#13 Can Dogs Model For Vogue?

Image source: tomanysocks

#14 Chorizo Sploots Because He Can’t Feel/Move His Back Legs And This Is Comfy For Him, But Also Because He’s Just Fancy Like That

Image source: skeev-boi

#15 How About A Hamster Sploot

Image source: YetAnotherWeebAuntriarchSplootlet

#16 A Very Lady-Like Sploot From Our Resident Queen

Image source: justanoptimist

#17 Just Found A Pic Of Our Anywhere/Everywhere Splooter, Seamus, From This Winter!

Image source: megantheswede

#18 Sploooooooooooot

Image source: TyindorsetAngela BExtended sploot.

#19 Sploot

Image source: FrictionalMottIt’s

#20 This Lil Baby Loves To Sploot!

Image source: aetherion_aish

#21 Our Office Kitten Doing A Big Sploot

Image source: oakelso

#22 Are Bird Sploots Allowed Here?

Image source: killerbunnyfamily

#23 The Tinniest Of Paw Bean Sploots

Image source:Merch_Jesus

#24 Apparently Hoots Also Sploot

Apparently Hoots Also Sploot

Image source:questionhorror

#25 The Rare Armadillo Sploot!!

Image source:Binyeum