It is very interesting to talk about the balance between function and form in different designs. The problem is that many people tend to think that if a product, ad, or piece of art doesn’t try for a balance, it has to be either beautiful or very useful. How stupid! We’re here to show you that there are some really bad ideas out there for designs. To say the taste was bad and the way it was done was bad is to put it lightly.

And that’s where the online community called “Awful Taste and Awful Execution,” or “ATAAE,” comes in. It’s a subreddit where 81.5k people come together to celebrate everything that tastes bad. We’re going to show you some of their best photos. Have fun with them.

Credits; bored panda

#1 What Exactly Is On Her Face

#2 This Baby Announcement — Sent To Relatives


The editor of These Three Rooms, Ariane Sherine, was nice enough to answer some questions from Bored Panda about taste, interior design, and aesthetics.

“Interior design is a lot more difficult than it seems. It’s actually harder to find two things that go well together. In general, you should match colors that are similar, such as brights with other brights, neutrals with other neutrals, pastels with other pastels, neons with neons, muted colors with other muted colors, and so on. ” She gave a list of things that homeowners should keep in mind if they want to make a good impression and stay away from things that look strange.

#3 From another planet! I was told that you would like this.


#4 Somewhere Out There, A Circus Is Missing Its Clown Car


“The same is often true for materials, so if you like natural materials like rattan and bamboo, go for a natural scheme. Likewise, if you like synthetic materials, “she told me.

We wanted to know what the interior design expert thought about first impressions, like what guests would notice first when they walked into the kitchen or bathroom.

#5 The Maskinator


#6 Don’t Actually Wear This


“First, they notice how clean, organized, and pleasant smelling the room is. Your kitchen or bathroom can be very stylish, but if it’s dirty and smells bad, that’s what your guests will remember about it. ” Ariane from These Three Rooms said that it doesn’t matter how beautiful and stylish everything looks if you haven’t taken care of the basics.

#7 She will not regret getting that tattoo at all.


#8 Found Outside A Xiaomi Store


Second, they will look at how it works and how they feel about it. For example, is there enough toilet paper or kitchen towels? Does the hand soap have a nice smell? Does the toilet run? Does everything work? And finally, they’ll notice the room’s design. Decor is personal, but a used toilet paper roll is not. ” 
Last but not least, Ariane talked about how we should do what we love, no matter what other people think about our design choices. The most important thing is that you’re happy at the end of the day. She said that this wasn’t just about design and taste, but about all the decisions you make in life.

#9 This Hairway To Heaven


#10 Guess to which states this belongs to


It’s all about being sure of yourself and knowing that what other people think of your style doesn’t matter. “Who cares if Aunty Pat thinks your sofa is ugly as long as you’re happy?!”

Since 2017, there has been a subreddit called “Awful Taste and Awful Execution.” Since then, people in the ATAAE community have searched the internet for some of the worst insults to good taste that have ever been made. It’s really hard to understand why some people have no sense of beauty at all.

#11 When You’re Rude and Smart at the Same Time


#12 Bad tattoo and use of a birthmark


Even though our personal tastes may have a lot to do with whether or not we like a design, product, or piece of art, it’s important to remember that there are objectively good and bad designs. To make a good design, you have to put the user first. “Designs should be useful, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use.” Given how quickly things change in our digital lives today, I don’t think that all great design is necessarily timeless. Interface design, UX design, and in-service design are all examples of this. Tim Antoniuk, an expert in design studies at the University of Alberta, said, “As new layers are added to our lives, things naturally go through an evolutionary cycle.”

#13 F…..Me


#14 This banquet’s floor should be here.


“This is different from furniture, which is made to fit the human body and can be used by more people. There is a lot of fuzziness in this conversation, but I think the main point of this idea is correct. The professor said that, depending on the area, some designs last a lot longer than others.

#15 This Is Disgusting


#16 I’m unsure if this atrocity has reached us.


“People get into a gray area when they talk about taste and different levels of aesthetic.” “I might like the design of Bauhaus furniture, but someone else might think it’s too cold and lacks character,” the expert said of how people have different tastes.

Which of these pictures was the hardest for you to look at? Why do you think it’s so hard for some people to see that their idea of what works and what doesn’t match what’s really beautiful? How would you tell someone that they might not have good taste and might need to work on it?

#17 Toilet Brush Christmas Tree


#18 Happy Birthday! Here’s Some More Ptsd


#19 Camp Auschwitz


#20 100k and he’s still not Bieber