People always say that making you laugh is one of the most important qualities of a great guy. We agree that anything that has to do with a good sense of fun is worth appreciating.

So today, we’re going to take a look at all the online content where husbands and boyfriends have done something funny and sweet for the people they care about most.

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#1 I Made A “Play Boy” Calendar For My Girlfriend For Valentine’s Day

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#2 While My Wife Was Away, I Had To Keep Sending Sexy Photos To Remind Her What She’s Got At Home

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#3 My Husband Rarely Throws Out The Rolls. So A Week Ago, I Decided To Go On A Strike. Today I Came Home To This

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Tamara Hoyton, a Senior practise Consultant at Relate, which helps millions of people strengthen their relationships every year and is the biggest provider of relationship support in England and Wales, was kind enough to share her ideas on how to make relationships feel new. Read on to learn what she thinks.

Hoyton, a Senior practise Consultant at Relate, talked about what couples can do to make their relationship feel new and exciting again if it has been feeling stale lately.

“Each of you should make a list of things you want to do and put them in a jar. Take turns picking a random task and doing it. You might end up swimming in the wild in November, but that’s part of the fun!” “In the end, the best thing to do when you’re stuck in a rut is to talk to your partner to figure out why you feel that way. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. Maybe you’re spending too much or too little time together

#4 I Fixed Our Bathroom Picture. The Wife Was Not Amused

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#5 This Is How I Like To Make My Girlfriend Laugh

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At the same time, we (boredpanda) were curious about how a person could show their partner they love and respect them all year long, not just on their birthday or anniversary. After all, some people are very creative when it comes to giving gifts, while others find it hard to come up with unique and important gifts.

Hoyton from Relate said, “The first thing to ask yourself is, Do you know what makes your partner feel loved and appreciated?” If you’re not sure, take a Love Language quiz. It might help you understand that all this time you’ve been buying them houseplants when what they really want is for you to give them a massage once in a while.

Healthy, happy couples who have been together for a long time trust and respect each other, find each other attractive, talk to each other freely and often, and find ways to help each other.

And that support has to be there all the time, whether it’s a big task like looking for a new job or a small one like figuring out how to divide up the chores fairly.

#06 The “My Wife/Girlfriend Made Me Go To The Mall” Support Group Is Underway

The "My Wife/Girlfriend Made Me Go To The Mall" Support Group Is Underway

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#7 My Husband Made Me A Mel-O-Lantern For Summerween

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#8 My Husband Got Me A Bouquet Of Mushrooms For Mother’s Day

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Having a partner who likes to laugh is not only fun but also good for us. And that’s because it’s good for our bodies and minds to laugh. Verywell Mind says that laughter helps ease worry by lowering the amount of stress hormones in the body.

Laughing also makes us feel better physically and emotionally, boosts our immune system, and takes our minds off other things going on in our lives. Not only that, but trying to find fun in situations that make us nervous can help us see them in a much more positive light. Not everything is as bad as it may seem at first.

Abigail Brenner, M.D., a psychotherapist, says that being fully present with your partner is a must.

That means making the time and effort to connect with them, even if you have a dozen chores, piles of paperwork, and a million social media messages waiting for you. Even an easy question like “How are you doing?” can help if you listen to the answer.

#9 I Bought This Makeup Holder From A Thrift Store. My Name Is Not Hannah. I Asked My Husband If He Somehow Could Cover Up The Name. This Was His Million-Dollar Idea

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#10 My Boyfriend Wore A Mustache And A Vintage Style Swimsuit The Entire Time We Were At A Water Park. This Was The Best Shot I Got Of Him

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#11 I Asked My Husband To Buy Plastic Cups So That We Don’t Always Have To Drink From Glass Cups And Potentially Break Them. This Is What He Bought, And No, We Don’t Have Kids

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In a lot of relationships, as time goes on, both people tend to become a little less strict. No longer do people have to try to impress each other with what they do and how they look. But Brenner says that sometimes going the extra mile is something your partner will value. Think about how you treated each other when you first started dating.

Also, if you ever get into an argument (and you will! ), it helps a lot to remember that you’re both on the same team and trying to find an answer to a very specific problem. Focus on the main problem instead of bringing up all the little things that bother you about your partner.

Listen to what they have to say, don’t attack them unless you want everyone to fight back, and try to find a middle ground. Laughter can also help ease the stress here.

#12 My Husband Bedazzled My Sunflowers

My Husband Bedazzled My Sunflowers

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#13 My Son Was Really Excited When My Wife And I Agreed To A Pokemon-Themed Halloween Until He Saw My Costume

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#14 My Husband And I Did Maternity Pictures. Here Is The Best One

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#15 She Looks Like She’s At The Museum Contemplating What That Piece Actually Means

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#16 I Was Worried For A Second There. My Husband Is A Funny Guy

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#17 My Husband Photoshopped Our Cat As An Astronaut And Had It Printed On His Vans. Sweetest Boy In Space

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#18 My Husband, Daughter, And Opossum Out For A Ride

My Husband, Daughter, And Opossum Out For A Ride

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#19 Apparently, This Is What My Husband Does To Our Cat When I’m Not Home

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#20 Happy Toot Day

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#21 My Boyfriend Was Pregnant Beyonce For Halloween

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#22 During A 12-Hour Flight Delay, My Boyfriend Wandered Off. When I Found Him, He Was In The Middle Of A Pixar Movie Marathon With A Group Of 5-Year-Olds

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#23 When You Let The Husband Take Care Of The Rabbit

When You Let The Husband Take Care Of The Rabbit

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#24 My Wife Asked Me To Pick Up A Roll Of Hannukah Wrapping Paper. The Criteria I Was Given Was “It Should Be Blue And White”

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#25 Everyone Runs Into Our Garden Window, So I Made This Sign. My Wife Says No One Will Get It

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#26 So My Boyfriend And I Were Beauty And The Beast For Halloween

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#27 I Asked My Wife What She Wanted For Her Birthday, And She Said: “Cat Stuff.” I Think I Nailed It

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#28 My Husband Got Me Good With A Rat He Made From Clipping His Hair

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#29 Today I Welcomed My First Child Into The World. Here’s A Photo Of Me Waking Up After Passing Out In The OR

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#30 My Wife Won’t Let Me Wear This To A Rehearsal Dinner, And We’re Both Pissed

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