Fear of man-made objects that have water on them is known as submechanophobia. Many people have this fear, and it’s easy to see why. There are some scary pictures out there that could make even the bravest person want to run away. From abandoned buildings to machines underwater, these pictures can give you a feeling of dread and unease that is hard to get rid of.
For people with this condition, the “submechanophobia” forum may be too much to handle. Dr. Padraic Gibson, a consultant clinical psychotherapist and the clinical director of The OCD Clinic, as well as the head of training and organization consultation at coaching clinic, says that it’s important to remember that everyone has their own fears and phobias.

“Phobias can emerge for many different reasons, and they are often the result of a complicated mix of biological, psychological, and environmental factors.” It’s okay to avoid things that make us feel bad. So don’t feel bad about staying away from sinking ships, flooded mines, and other scary places if you get scared by mechanical objects in water or abandoned industrial sites.  

Credit: boredpand ,demilked

#1 Shipwreck In Australia

Image source: idksagen

#2 The First Ever Underwater Photo, Taken In 1899 By Louis Boutan:

Image source: PanikDizordr

#3 The 19th-century steamship Aachen’s July 1915 torpedo cabin. Now At The Baltic Sea Bottom

Image source: fullerwarrenSUPwatch

#4 Titanic. So Scary And Beautiful At The Same Time

Image source: TuuFiQ

#5 A team of police divers found a Chucky doll at the bottom of a lake.

Image source: SaltMill

#6 Remnants Of A Mine That Shut Down 136 Years Ago. Silver Islet, Ontario

Image source: Fisqueta

#7 A Human Compared To A Ship Propeller

Image source: Ok_Historian_881

#8 Jet Star Roller Coaster used to be on Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy swept it out into the Atlantic.

Image source: lakotaann

#9 Fluch Des Pharao – Water Ride In Germany

Image source: grizzzlybrr

#10 Naval Mines Are Terrifying

Image source: ShufflingOffACliff

#11 Submerged Park Bench

Image source: _ForestDragons_

#12 Museum Of Underwater Art In Australia

Image source: General-Desk-668

#13 Old Submerged Small Town In Brazil

Image source: afrika1308

#14 Abandoned Mine Shaft

Image source: Common-Reputation434

#15 A Ladder In A Flooded Quarry

Image source: Common-Reputation434

#16 A Fishing Net Spread Across The Waters

A Fishing Net Spread Across The Waters

Image source:pinkblueegreen

#17 Sunken Ww2 Bomber

Sunken Ww2 Bomber

Image source:KECSKE188

#18 Out Of The Blue, The Ghost Appears

Out Of The Blue, The Ghost Appears

Image source:NicolasRemy

#19 Britannic. Titanic’s Sister. My Breathing Stops And My Throat Dries, I Have A Headache When I See This Photo

Britannic. Titanic's Sister. My Breathing Stops And My Throat Dries, I Have A Headache When I See This Photo

Image source:frizke

#20 Wreck At 80-100m

Image source:Common-Reputation434