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Cat Survives for Three Weeks in Shipping Container by Eating Candy

Have you ever embarked on a truly life-altering excursion? It was probably not as exciting as the recent journey undertaken by this cat. Posted on the 14th of January by Star Shine Shipping, a Ukrainian shipping firm, was a photo of the stowaway they had discovered in one of their containers. Surprisingly, the cat appeared to be in good health.

This kitten thought it would be fun to go on an adventure.

Image credits: star.shine.shipping

A few weeks later, he found himself in Israel after he entered a shipping container in a Ukrainian port.

Image credits: star.shine.shipping

From Ukraine to Israel, the kitten walked around 3000 miles in about 3 weeks. Besides the sweets they were hauling, he was the only one who had any food. Because he had no drinking water, the cat stunned the ones who found him the most because he emerged almost entirely healthy.

People who found him were very surprised that he was still alive since the container had neither food nor water.

Image credits: star.shine.shipping

It’s still a mystery how the cat was able to go so long without food or drink. There is a general consensus that it was divine intervention. Assumptions were being made by the firm that the traveler had survived just on the water and sweets he discovered around the container.

The kitten survived by eating candy from the shipment

Image credits: star.shine.shipping

A thorough inquiry was conducted by the company. A review of the video evidence shows that the cat got into the containers as they were filling them with goodies. The business stated that the cat is healthy and happy, which is a wonderful development. The traveling cat is safe and sound, and we are overjoyed about it!

When he was found, the company he was working for had this to say:

There is no word yet from the company on the condition of the kitten. He’s likely to embark on new adventures in the near future, hopefully with greater safety.

Image credits: star.shine.shipping

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