The adage “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is well known to all celebrities. Mimicry, in the form of everything from cross-dressers to impersonators, is an integral aspect of the celebrity industry. When your impersonator is also a renowned person, though, things get tricky. Maybe it’s not fair to label them as impersonators, so let’s call them famous doppelgangers instead.

The following A-listers are becoming famous around the world, but it’s not because of anything they’ve done. In fact, these famous people look so much alike that they might easily be substituted for one another in performances. In other cases, the doppelganger recognition has become a running joke, and the real person goes along with it. Here are some amazing side-by-side comparisons of famous lookalikes; scroll down to check them out! the benefits of it with others.

Credit: bored panda

#1 Heath Ledger And Joseph Gordon-Levitt

#2 Henry Cavill And Matt Bomer

#3 Jaime Pressly And Margot Robbie

#4 Katy Perry And Zooey Deschanel

#5 Tracy Morgan And Doug E. Fresh

#6 Julia Stiles And Ansel Elgort

#7 Scarlett Johansson And Christopher Walken

#8 Skylar Astin And Dane Cook

#9 Mischa Barton And Elijah Wood

#10 Isaac Mizrahi And Jj Abrams

#11 Ariana Grande And Alyssa Milano

#12 Tyler, The Creator And J. Alexander

#13 Javier Bardem And Jeffrey Dean Morgan

#14 Tom Hardy And Logan Marshall-Green

#15 Nicolas Cage And A Civil War-Era Man

#16 Helen Mirren And Jennifer Lawrence

#17 Minka Kelly And Leighton Meester

#18 Aaron Paul And Tom Felton