If you think designing toys has turned into a hard job, wait till you spot this list of the largest apparel disasters. You attempt to stylize a couple of white shorts, but the summary marks come out to be searched like poo. Or you reduce to rubble the lettering and the fitness center socks turn out to be cum socks. Bored Panda has accumulated those and different hilarious examples to expand our series of clothes dresser fails, proving all designs want a second opinion before going into production. We hope the entries will make you more attentive on your subsequent purchasing trip! Scroll right all the way down to enjoy.and don’t forget to share this

( courtesy boredpanda)

# 1 Is Anyone Interested In A Wedding Gown That Makes You Look Like You’re Farting Chiffon? If That’s The Case, Look No Further.


# 2 Dress That Slims Your Body


# 3  These Olympic Uniforms. Just Why?


# 4 Close Enough


# 5 My Friend’s Sister Got This At Jump Rope Camp. It Should Be Called Rope.


# 6 Great Shirt


# 7 Singapore Water Polo Team

# 8 Minions Bikini


# 9 Nice Pants


# 10 At First Glance, I Thought This Woman Was Horribly Deformed


# 11The Printed Design On These Pants


# 12 Lady Rainacorn’s Inappropriate Horn

Emma Taylor McLaughlin

# 13 Kentucky Might Want To Reconsider This Shirt.


# 14 I Heart Lodn No


# 15 T-Shirts For A Fun Run

# 16  Prom Dress Vagina


# 17 Crazy Outfits

# 18 How About This

# 19 I’m Going To Assume This Skirt Was Designed By a Man.

# 20 Someone Took My Art And Somehow Decided It Would Look Good On A Mini Skirt

# 21Girls Water Polo Team Logo


# 22 Maybe We Shouldn’t Have Printed This In Women’s Sizes


# 23 They Didn’t Really Think This Design Through On My Brother’s Wrestling Shirt


# 24 What Are They Looking At?..

Jasmine Knight

# 25 I’m Calling The Police