People often say that their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. When everyone is on their toes and sweating a lot to get rid of stress, little things can take an unexpected turn. I mean, planning a wedding and going through with it are both unofficial tests of our sanity, so it’s not a surprise that things can go wrong.

Thanks to the people who had their cameras out and caught these strange, funny, and totally unplanned wedding moments on film, we now have a pretty good collection of wedding faux pas that will make you laugh and cringe. Scroll down to have fun.

#1 A computer engineer bride doesn’t have any girlfriends, so she invites her brothers instead.

Fernando Duque Fotografia

#2 The Grandparents From This Weekend’s Wedding. No Words

Teale Photography

According to Rhiann Janak, the lead wedding planner and CEO of “Lucy Till French Weddings,” there are a few reasons why things don’t always go as planned and ways to make sure everything goes smoothly so that nothing unexpected happens. 

#3 My 6-year-old cousin was the DJ at his mom’s wedding. This majestic shot summarized his night.

But in the end, everyone, including my mother-in-law, was really happy with the meal, Rhiann said. Sometimes, a little bit of a surprise is a good thing. You shouldn’t completely change your wedding to suit the tastes of your guests, and even if you do take their tastes into account, this shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable on your wedding day.

#4 A British Couple Jokingly Invited Queen Elizabeth To Their 2012 Wedding And She Actually Showed Up

#5 The photographer caught me and my dad hiding from taking more wedding photos.


#6 We just celebrated our first year together. In honor of the wedding, here’s my favorite picture of Flower Nana.


#7 Someone Isn’t Taking This Whole Wedding Thing Serious

Chris Davis

#8 Black Kitty, a wedding crasher who is known to wander around the church, decides to lay down on the bride’s dress during the ceremony.

Wagner Breciane

#9 Couple Have An Unexpected Visitor At Their Wedding Ceremony Held In A South African Nature Preserve

Stephanie Norman Photography

#10 This Wedding Cake


#11 Our Wedding’s Beer Burros Wanted To Be A Part Of The Picture


#12 5 Years Ago I Promised My Sister I Would Bring A Llama To Her Wedding


#13 So, I’m at my friend’s wedding. She did a great job with the programs.


#14 Got Married 1 Year Ago Today. We Tried Not To Let Little Problems Ruin Our Day


#15 Bride Left At The Altar By Her Fiancé, Celebrates By Destroying The Wedding Dress


#16 A Friend Got Married And His Best Man Snuck Into The First Look


#17 Ask my sister if my nephew was having a good time at the wedding. This picture is what she sent back.


#18 My Grandma With Alzheimer’s At My Wedding. She Asked – “Where’s The Body?”

My Grandma With Alzheimer's At My Wedding. She Asked - "Where's The Body?"


#19 A Wedding Invitation, A Chair And A Sandwich

A Wedding Invitation, A Chair And A Sandwich

#20 Photographer Fell Down While Taking A Wedding Picture, Here’s The Picture He Ended Up Taking

Photographer Fell Down While Taking A Wedding Picture, Here's The Picture He Ended Up Taking

#21 A Gay Jewish Wedding Where They Rode In On A Horse Dressed As A Unicorn


#22 I’m At A Wedding. Both Bride And Groom Are Police Officers. This Is What They Are Serving


#23 My Sister Wanted A Couple Wedding Pictures At Her Favorite Pub But Ran Into Another Bride


#24 My Wife’s Face On Our Wedding Day Compared To When She Met Rob


#25 Jason Momoa Photobombing Wedding Photos


#26 I Was Recently The Best Man At A Wedding In The Caribbean


#27 My (Now) Wife Beating My Groomsmen At Smash Bros About 5-10 Minutes Before Our Wedding Ceremony


#28 If You Want To Wind Up In The Same Country As Your Wedding Outfits, Don’t Fly Delta Airlines


#29 Our Wedding Shower Was Supposed To Be Today. We Made The Best Of What We Had

Our Wedding Shower Was Supposed To Be Today. We Made The Best Of What We Had

#30 Marriages are tiring. After the reception, here’s my brother’s wife.