Every once in a while, we all come up with crazy jump-scare ideas that turn out to be all in our heads. The list goes on and on, from being scared when you see your own image in the corner of your eye to thinking someone is trying to get you through your bedroom window when it’s just a tree branch scratching at the glass in the wind.

It’s silly, but in the moment, you tend to believe it and fear it with all your heart. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one. The funny pictures below show how other people have been scared by things that turned out to be completely safe and innocent. We’ve all been watching too many scary movies, that’s for sure. But who doesn’t like a little bit of excitement? So just do it. If you dare, scroll. But you should be careful, because trouble is near.

#1 The Reflection Of The Fireplace Freaks Me Out For Just A Second Every Time

#2 Every morning around 11 or so, Window Man shows up and scares the bejesus out of me (my neighbor’s chimney).

Image source: audiocranium

#3 Just Walked Out Of My Kitchen And This Scared The Hell Out Of Me

Image source: IAmSunno

#4 No child was in the backseat. I was scared to death of it.

Image source: dr–moreau

#5 My Celeriac Scared The Hell Out Of Me

Image source: Prefect01

#6 Our Airbnb Bathroom Door Was Translucent. I was used to my impatient toddler stalking me through the door, but this was creepier.

Image source: goodluck_canuck

#7 I Found This Child-Sized Rescue Dummy On The Bottom Of Lake Natoma, CA, And Thought I Was Going To Have A Heart Attack

Image source: Merman_Mike

#8 My Daughter’s Stuffed Dog Rolled Under Her Bed. Checking The Monitor Gave Me A Damn Heart Attack

Image source: dananky

#9 Last night, I woke up scared as hell when I saw a Victorian ghost floating at the end of my bed. It took me a while to figure out that it was my clothes on the door.

Image source: sesse301187

#10 Almost Had A Heart Attack Coming Out Of The Subway Today

Image source: Indy4exe

#11 Just Some Regular Rubber Gloves Washing Accidentally Opened The Gate Of Hell

Image source: green1

#12 The way my friend dried his shoes kind of scared me. I thought she was hanging out of her 11th-floor window.

Image source: amandalauren16

#13 Almost Got Me A Heart Attack Middle Of The Highway

Image source: Xorneluse

#14 When I looked over while moving furniture around the store, this scared the hell out of me. I thought it was one of my clients.

Image source: cjones782

#15 Because I’m Asian, seeing this at the end of the hallway when the elevator doors opened scared me quite a bit.

Image source: moreice45

#16 Bottled Water’s True Nature

Image source: zschultz

#17 I put an inflatable cat on my roof for Halloween. It was very windy last night. When I opened the door this morning, I saw this. So close to having a heart attack.

Image source: bubonis

#18 My Daughter Just Came Around The Corner Wearing A Lavender Face Mask And Scared The Absolute Hell Out Of Me

Image source: a-light-at-the-end

#19 This Is How My Husband Left His Boots. It Almost Scared The Hell Out Of Me

Image source: haaslei

#20 Creepy Statues All Over Town Made Me Nearly Pee My Pants At 2 Am

Image source: TheCharlienator