Georgy Kurasov’s Kaleidoscopic Paintings Have Energy And Color(10pcs)


Georgy Kurasov, a Russian artist, makes abstract portraits of women that are full of energy and color. The result is dynamic paintings that look like they were seen through a kaleidoscope, since each cold-faced figure is made up of a group of geometric shapes that are all filled with color.

Kursaov was born in 1958 in what was then called Leningrad and is now called San Petersburgo. He was told early on that he was colorblind, so he started out as an artist by making things out of clay and drawing on big window sills. wood, not so much as a hobby but as a way to make up for the grayness of everyday life.

At age 13, he went to an interview at his local art school because of how quickly he learned new skills. The interview led to an invitation from the council to work full-time in the sculpture department of a place of worship. dark, narrow, and vaulted hallways, as well as huge, dirty, and cold rooms where the ghosts of hundreds of teachers had lived for decades.

In the gallery below, you can see some of his great work.

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Image credit: Kurasov Fine Art


Image credit: Kurasov Fine Art

In the middle of 1977, when he was at the height of his time in the academy, which many of his colleagues thought were his best years, and when he was painting a lot despite having trouble seeing colors, he met Zina, who would come to take up all of his space, both in his life and in his art.

Georgy had to join the military after he graduated, but he was lucky enough to be named the court artist of his general. In 1984, when he had finished his military duties, he became a civilian.


Image credit: Kurasov Fine Art


Image credit: Kurasov Fine Art

During the Gorbachev years, however, his country was not a good place for art to grow. Kurasov had to deal with food shortages, political unrest, and social unrest, all of which slowed down his work and had a big impact on it.

When he realized it was hard to make a living by selling his art, he started to think about small galleries abroad. In 1993, his works were shown for the first time in the United States, giving him the long-awaited international recognition he had been looking for.


Image credit: Kurasov Fine Art


Image credit: Kurasov Fine Art

Kurasov’s paintings of men and women that look like pieces are based on neoconstructivist ideas. This method not only stretches the bodies of your subjects into strange shapes, but it also gives a surreal feeling of space. The different colors of the slices create a skewed point of view in which three-dimensional objects look flattened and two-dimensional. All of these details make his paintings interesting to look at.

Georgy Kurasov left the world of sculpture in Russia a long time ago, and he had to look elsewhere for his roots. This is why Americans see Georgy as a Russian artist and Russians see him as an American artist, just as painters are sure he is a sculptor and sculptors are sure he is a painter.


Image credit: Kurasov Fine Art


Image credit: Kurasov Fine Art


Image credit: Kurasov Fine Art


Image credit: Kurasov Fine Art


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