Cooking is an art that brings people together. It goes beyond countries and languages to create a feeling of joy and satisfaction that everyone can share. No matter how long you’ve been cooking or how much you know about it, there’s always something new to learn and discover in the world of food.

Food lovers from all walks of life have come together in a touching online thread to share their best cooking tips. This collection is a great trove of useful cooking tips and techniques that can help anyone improve their cooking skills.

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If you leave oatmeal out after adding hot water, it hardens into rock and is hard to wash.


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Boil your rice like you would pasta to make it nice and fluffy.

– Let your food (meat, casserole, spaghetti, pizza, etc.) sit for a while before you eat it.

– You test the meat with a $4 thermometer, not by cutting it open and letting all the juices out.

– Learn about the Maillard process to give food, especially meat, flavor.

– Don’t put enough salt in the pasta sauce, and put too much in the water when you boil the pasta.

– Only buy oil that is good. Not just for taste and freshness, but also for a higher smoke point.

– Fat has gotten a bad name, keep it and use it.

– Almost every food needs a little bit of acid, like lemon juice, dry citric acid, pickle juice, etc.

– A pinch of cane sugar makes many stews taste better.

– Pressure cookers can make even the least expensive cuts of meat taste good and be soft.

– Most of what makes food taste good is how it is cooked and how it is seasoned.
The leftover heat will keep cooking more than you think. Even though you turned off the stove, that hot pan is still cooking, and meat that is already hot can still cook on the inside.


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The leftover heat will keep cooking more than you think. Even though you turned off the stove, that hot pan is still cooking, and meat that is already hot can still cook on the inside.


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The fastest way to get something to stop being frozen is to run a stream of cold water over it until it stops being frozen.

Use hot water to cool down hot pans, not cold water, because cold water will ruin your pans.

You’ll be fine if you put that pasta water in your pasta sauce.

If you want to make a big meal or a dish with a lot of items, you should do all the prep work first and then cook.

Wash your hands every time you touch meat.

When you store food, vegetables go on top of meat, not the other way around.

Sometimes it’s okay to guess how much of each item you need, but it’s better to be too low than too high.

Clean and wash the dishes as you cook so you don’t have as much to do when you’re done.

Edit: I meant pasta sauce, not pasta, because it will make your sauce thicker and help it stick better to the pasta.


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The MOST important tip I can give is to get all of your items ready before you even turn on the stove. Also called “mise en place” in the world of cooking.

Everything. Salts, herbs, vegetables, and meats. Everything should be out and easy to get to on your desk.

It’s probably the biggest thing that keeps a “meh” cook from becoming a good one.

Example: If you want to put chives in your omelet, you don’t want to start cutting them when your eggs are already on the pan. You’ll make the egg too dry.


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Burn it. Over season. Make a pot overflow. Make flat bread by mistake. Make wet latkes. Make that curry as hot as fire. Just take it as a lesson. Don’t worry if you mess up a meal. Be ready to mess up a meal so you can make a better one next time.

No one ever makes a perfect souffle the first time they try. Almost everyone will forget once or twice to put eggs in cakes. Most people have probably put too much salt in their eggs or cooked their steak until it was as hard as a brick. Don’t let the fear of making a mistake stop you from learning new things, and don’t be afraid to try new foods because you might mess them up.

Edit: I don’t even know what reddit silver does, but thank you, nice internet stranger. Keep making mistakes and cooking!


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Always use the back of the knife to scrape food from the cutting board into a pot. This will help the blade stay sharp longer


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Don’t use water to put out a grease fire.


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Think about what you are getting rid of. People throw away a lot of things that could be used again.

Have a piece of dried-out cheese? Use it to make mac and cheese. Don’t get rid of it.

Once you cut off the rough end of a broccoli stem, you can use it in soups or stir fries if you cut it into small pieces or slice it.

Bones and meat can be used to make stock without much work. Just a little bit of salt and water. Don’t be scared off by recipes that call for $20 worth of other things.

You can use sad-looking vegetables and bits of meat that are almost bad in pies and soups.

Even the skins of potatoes can be fried into tasty treats. For egg fried rice, cold rice works best. Crumbs can be made from old bread. Not a mixer owner? Instead, grate them.

It makes me mad to see how much good food goes to waste, especially food that can be used again and again in easy-to-make recipes.

Also, people need to stop cooking food on the highest heat setting. For example, if your stove goes up to 8, an egg should be fried on 5 or 6.


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There’s no such thing as “rare” chicken. Beef and pork can be “done” in a variety of ways, but chicken can only be “done,” “overdone,” or “salmonella.”

Edit: Yes, sous vide changes some of these rules, and most ground meats should be cooked all the way through.


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Before making ready-to-eat foods and after handling raw meat, especially chicken, wash your hands


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As a favor to mom from great-grandma:

Grab your (stainless steel) tap like it’s your man if your hands smell like garlic.


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If you wash your rice first, it will be fluffier when you cook it. If you boil water for pasta and put olive oil in it, the sauce won’t stick to the pasta as well. Olive oil is good for salads, but if it gets burned, it tastes bad and is bad for you. It burns more easily than other oils because its burning point is lower

. Put the tip of a wooden spoon in the oil to see if it’s hot enough to fry. If the oil starts to bubble, it’s hot enough. Don’t throw away veggie scraps when you’re cooking. Instead, put them in a bag and freeze them. It can be used whenever you want to make veggie stock. This one is well-known, but it’s still good: when baking, don’t forget to butter and flour the pan. When I only used butter, my brownies were always stuck in the pan. rip the cakes apart…


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When making gravy, always mix flour or cornstarch with cold water. There won’t be any lumps. My dad was a cook, and he always made this point clear. He didn’t like chunky gravy.


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If you’re cooking a bunch of small things, like scallops, in a pan, arrange them in a clockwise circle. So, it will be easy to remember where to start turning, and you can just move down the line in a clockwise direction.

Before I saw this on a cooking show, I just threw pieces of meat or fish into a pan without thinking about it.