Cats are very popular pets in many cultures, but it’s better to know fantastic facts about cats.

Cats became consequently domestic animals, before being internationally recognized. Domestic cats used to live near humans, especially near farms and cultivation areas, thereby cats could survive themselves easily Because they can find foods easily from farming people.

That friendship between humans and cats lasted for a long term, and it help convert them into the title per animal.

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Cats walk from their toes

As natural Hunters, they used to walk with their toes, rather than that they can run very fast with great flexibility because their body structure was naturally organized for hunting. Therefore, walking on their toes helps them run very fast. And also they can move very silently like thieves.

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Cats can make many vocal sounds

When compared, dogs have 10 different vocal sounds, but cats have 100 vocal sounds for different situations to express their emotions and feelings, probably making different sounds for hunger, caring, and variety of needs, According to a Cornell University research they figured out the fact, adult cats makes different vocal sounds for getting things from human and getting attention form human for their needs.

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Cats have short-term memories.

Generally, cats’ memory retains for 10 minutes those memories are based on performances.

Strong sensitivity to sounds

Cats are more sensitive than humans to noises, smells, and sudden changes. And also they are aware of atmospheric pressure, over and above that they have heightened senses thereby they can find the hints which are related to environmental changes as well as climate changes.

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Cats’ inner ears can detect atmospheric pressure and sudden changes in nature.

Besides, cats can detect the upcoming rain, changes in ozone gas, and the metallic smell and odor in the lighting process.

Cats cannot watch directly under their nose.

And also they are well known for their powerful vision. They have a blind spot! Therefore, prey usually does not come directly under their nose, When prey comes near to the cat, they used to rely on their powerful sensing ability of smell rather than their vision. Most probably cats do not have eyelashes.

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Cats have extra toes

Cats have five toes on each front paw, but they have only four toes on the back paws.

It’s not an unbelievable fact because cats have extra toes.

Dreams about cats

Many cultures believe that if you dream about a white cat it offers you good luck and fortune.

In many cultures’ myths and fables, white cats are seen as a symbol of good luck, and They believe it represents upcoming pleasurable events and happiness.

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How to friend with cats

Many researchers have discovered narrowing your eyes is a suitable way to build up a companionship with cats. In a study by the universities of Portsmouth and Sussex, scientists figured out that the technique mimics what is called a cat’s smile – referred to as a ‘slow blink’ able to build up a friendship with cats. Related to the behavioural studies of cats, researchers have found out this way humans can communicate with cats.

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Cats are sleeping lovers

Most probably cats are sleeping 18 hours per day cat are solitary animals, they prefer safe hiding places to snooze. Cats are more comfortable in room temperatures around 14C.