Dogs have lived with people for more than 30,000 years and have earned the name “man’s best friend.” But because of careful breeding, the species has changed a lot since they were brought up as pets. People have bred dogs for their own benefit, causing physical or mental changes that can sometimes be very bad for the dogs’ health.

But the process didn’t get more complicated until the 20th century, when new ways of selective breeding were found. So, popular dog breeds today may look very different from how they did a hundred years ago. Here is a list of 18 popular dog breeds and how they looked 100 years ago compared to how they look now. Just scroll down to see the whole list.

More info: Dogs of All Nations

#1 West Highland white terrier

Image source: dogsofallnations

Westies haven’t changed much in the last 100 years. Their fur length is the only thing that’s changed a lot..

#2 Airedale Terrier

Image source: unknown

Airedale Terriers also haven’t changed that much, only their faces became slightly hairier.

#3 Dobermann

Over the last 100 years, there have been a lot of changes to Dobermanns’ ears and bodies as a whole. They are also not as mean as they used to be.

#4 Shetland Sheepdog

Image source: unknown

The fur of Shetland Sheepdogs has become much longer over the last 100 years, and the dogs themselves have nearly doubled in size.

#5 Boxer

Image source: dogsofallnations

The Boxer’s body shape has changed, and their mouths used to be longer and more turned down than they are now.

#6 Pug

Image source: Wikipedia Commons

Back in the day, pugs had longer legs and their faces were not as flat as they are today. Sad to say, because their mouths have flattened, many pugs have trouble breathing these days.

#7 Bull Terrier

Image source: dogsofallnations

Bull terriers used to be much bigger and skinnier, but over time they have gotten shorter and stronger. The form of their heads has also changed in a big way.

#8 Old English sheepdog

Image source: dogsofallnations

The fur of Old English sheepdogs used to be much shaggier than it is now, but other than that, the breed didn’t change much..

#9 Basset Hound

Image source: dogsofallnations

Even though the basset’s ears got longer, its back legs got a lot shorter.

#10 Dachshund

Image source: homedesignfordogs

Dachshunds used to have legs that were much longer and necks that were much shorter than they do now.

#11 Irish Setter

Image source: Wikipedia commons

Irish setters haven’t changed much, except that their coats are now longer and thicker, and their bodies are a little bit smaller.

#12 Newfoundland

Image source: dogsofallnations

Despite their resemblance, Newfoundlands were likely much smaller. According to “Dogs of all Nations,” Newfoundland males weighed 100 pounds in 1915, but today they can weigh 150 pounds.

#13 German Shepherd

Image source: Wikipedia commons

Over the course of 100 years, German dogs got bigger, and their fur got longer and thicker. The skeleton has also changed a little bit, and the chest of these majestic dogs is now bigger.

#14 Scottish Terrier

Image source: dogsofallnations

The Scottish terrier’s hair is now much longer and has a different texture that makes it feel softer. 100 years ago, their hair was rough..

#15 Rottweiler

Image source: Wikipedia Commons

You can see that Rottweilers no longer have their tails cut off. Also, their fur is rougher now than it used to be.