The thought of being on a deathbed might scare anyone, but these famous people aren’t scared. In some cases, knowing someone’s last words can help you understand who they were or how they died. Some of the last quotes on this list are from popular people and really show who they are. In his last moments, Winston Churchill, who was always calm, said, “I’m so bored with it all.” John Belushi, on the other hand, asked to be left alone. These famous last words can be funny in a strange way, or they can be beautiful and really mean a lot.

The user howsthepeeping on Imgur put together this list. Could you add any last words or motivational quotes to this list? They should be on this list, but we ask that our readers be kind to the memories of these people in their comments and entries.

#1 Jimi Hendrix Wrote This In A Poem Found Next To Him On His Deathbed. This Was The Final Sentence In The Poem

#2 Bob Marley

#3 Frida Kahlo

#4 Charlie Chaplin Said This After A Priest Reading Him His Last Rites Said “May The Lord Have Mercy On Your Soul”

#5 Karl Marx’s Response When Asked By His Housekeeper What His Last Words Were

#6 T.S. Eliot Was Only Able To Whisper One Word As He Died: “Valerie,” The Name Of His Wife

#7 Joe Dimaggio Talking About His Former Wife, Marilyn Monroe

#8 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Died At Age 71 In His Garden. He Turned To His Wife And Said, “You Are Wonderful,” Then Clutched His Chest And Died

#9 George Harrison

#10 Mozart

#11 Ernest Hemingway Said This To His Wife Before Committing Suicide

#12 R. D. Laing Suffered A Fatal Heart Attack In Public, And As People Gathered Around The Spot, Someone Said “Get A Doctor”

#13 Pablo Picasso

#14 Anton Chekhov

#15 Kurt Cobain Quoted Neil Young Lyrics When He Wrote This Line In His Suicide Note

#16 James Dean Said This Before Dying In A Car Accident

#17 J.M. Barrie

#18 John Wilkes Booth

#19 David A. Johnston’s Last Radio Transmission Before Being Killed In The May 1980 Eruption Of Mount St. Helens

#20 James Brown

#21 Truman Capote Used His Aunt’s Nickname For Him – ‘Buddy

#22 Sam Kinison

#23 Babe Ruth

#24 Ultimate Warrior Addressed A Live Audience In What Would Be His Final Live Appearance. The Next Day, He Would Die Of A Heart Attack. These Were The Last Words The Public Heard Him Say

#25 Lawrence Oates, Antarctic Explorer

#26 Gary Coleman

#27 John Dillinger, Famous American Bank Robber

#28 Vince Lombardi Turned To His Wife Marie And Said, “Happy Anniversary. I Love You”

 #29 Christopher Hitchens

#30 Hans Christian Andersen

#31 Jim Henson

#32 Jane Austen’s Response To Her Sister Cassandra Who Had Asked Her If She Wanted Anything

#33 Dimebag Darrell Said This While Playing With Damageplan At A Club Minutes Before He Was Shot And Killed Onstage

#34 Aaron Burr Was An Atheist. His Last Words Were A Response To The Efforts Of His Friend, Reverend P.j. Van Pelt, To Get Burr To State That There Was A God

#35 Brittany Murphy

#36 Bobby Fischer

#37 Jessica Dubroff, A Seven-year-old Pilot, Said This To Her Mother By Telephone As The Engines Revved

#38 Michael Landon’s Family Gathered Around His Bed, And His Son Said It Was Time To Move On. Landon Said, “You’re Right. It’s Time. I Love You All

#39 Joan Crawford Said This To Her Housekeeper When She Began To Pray Aloud

#40 Virginia Woolf’s Last Sentence In Her Suicide Note To Her Husband