Taking care of children is not an easy job—it might be the hardest job in the world. There are some hard parts, but there is also a lot of love and laughter. Inna Sacali is an architect and artist from Moldova. She draws comics that show both the good and bad sides of being a mother.

She draws pictures of her everyday life with her husband and their son, and it’s never boring. She shows everything from pregnancy and relationship problems to being tired, a kid’s cute but sometimes annoying antics, and struggles with mental health, as well as precious family moments, a toddler’s first words, and funny situations that make it all worth it.

If you’ve had the chance to be a parent, you’ll definitely understand these funny drawings. If you haven’t, here’s a look at what it’s really like to be a mom. No hiding the truth. Are these comics too close to real life? In the interview below, Sacali takes a break from being a busy mom to talk about her own life. Don’t miss it!





Sacali said she has loved to draw for as long as she can remember. During her maternity leave, she stopped working as an architect and started drawing comics about what it’s like to be a parent.

“Every day, my child gives me ideas for new comics. I get all of my ideas from real life. They’re honest because they really show how I feel or talk about funny things that have happened to me, “the artist said.”

“Being a mom isn’t easy, but it’s well worth the effort. I’m ready to let it show in my art. “



Sacali is strongly motivated by the warm feedback she gets from parents around the world Sacali has built up a following of 18k people on Instagram. She often posts funny snippets of her everyday life. It’s not only a great way to take our minds off of the day-to-day, but it’s also a great way for parents who are going through similar struggles and joys to help each other out and feel better.

I think it’s very important to talk about the real and honest parts of being a mom so that other moms know they’re not alone. Even when things are hard, you are still a good mom. “




Sacali is very inspired by the positive feedback she gets from parents around the world who can relate to her comics.

It makes me happy when other parents tell me they like my art and see themselves in it. This helps me keep going. Even when I’m tired or upset, your reactions to my comics make me want to draw more. Having a sense of humor helps me get by. “

She calls her Instagram to feed a “good mood zone,” and Sacali posts her comics in both Russian and English so that more people can read them.


Sacali’s comics are bright and colorful, but they aren’t very complicated. She doesn’t have enough time to add more details to the illustrations, so she chose a style that takes less time but gets the point across just as well. As the comics show, taking care of a child can be a lot of work. Even this interview was stopped by a crying child who asked his mother to play. The artist called this a “mom’s reality.”

Sacali said, “I hope my art will make you laugh and give you a different view of pregnancy” before going back to her main job, which is being a mom. You can see what it looks like up close and unfiltered in this post and on the artist’s social media!