Have you ever wondered how those breathtaking underwater photographs were taken and left in awe? The members of the subreddit “Underwater Photography: Pictures, but wet” share some of the most stunning photographs ever captured underwater.

There are already over 19k members, and the group discusses members’ successful attempts to capture invisible nature, seldom seen underwater critters, and brave divers who wouldn’t say “no” to a magnificent image of themselves .scroll below and enjoy

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#1 Weightless

Image credits: mitchbrownphoto

#2 Turtle While Diving In Maldives

Image credits: raii6969

What may have started out as a desire to explore and capture unseen parts of the underwater world has grown to the point where people often use deep waters as a unique background for their own portraits, wedding photos, and other pictures of special occasions. Even if you don’t know much about photography, it’s safe to assume that you need both good skills and the right tools. There are sites like Underwater Photography Guide for people who are really interested in underwater photography but don’t know where to start. These sites explain how and where to start for people who have never done this before and give tips and tricks to those who are already good at it.

#3 Baby Sea Turtle!

Image credits: Apple-of-the-earths

#4 Submerged

credits: 5upple

But what are some of the most important rules that people who are interested in this should follow? “Get your diving skills down before you start using a camera underwater,” says the Underwater Photography Guide that we just talked about. This is also related to how safe you feel underwater as a whole. Even if you’re very comfortable in the water, something unexpected could happen at any time. It’s very important to keep an eye on your surroundings and make sure you’re not hurting the wildlife or damaging the environment.

#5 Leopard Shark In Exmouth, Western Australia

Image credits: chris_vs_world

#6 Whale Shark Behind Our Liveaboard

Image credits: Itsfinmatt

#7 Spotted Eagle Ray, Feeding On The Sand. Cozumel Mx December 2020

Image credits: oceanvisions1

#8 Turtle!

Image credits: Apple-of-the-earths

 #9 Little Stingray Survived After It’s Been Bitten…

Image credits: fkably

#10 Local Weedy Seadragons

Image credits: lcal5

#11 The Reefs Of Andaman Sea

Image credits: Barmaglot_07

#12 Spotted This Cuttlefish Cruising In The Soft Corals, Raja Ampat

Image credits: wilderblueseas

#13 Jellyfish Olympus Tg5, Sardinia Depth Of Barely 1meter

Image credits: bentu888

#14 Spotted Eagle Ray Being Cleaned By Two Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse

Image credits: breadcity99

#15 There’s Always A Bigger Fish ?

Image credits: mitchbrownphoto

#16 No One Cared Who I Was Until I Put On The Mask ?

Image credits: mitchbrownphoto

#17 Florida Native

Image credits: Uncorrelated_AF

#18 Up Close To A Pod Of Bottlenose Dolphins!

Image credits: Apple-of-the-earths

#19 Giant Cuttlefish, Off The Coast Of Manly, Australia

Image credits: K-o-s-l-s

#20 Dugong, Philippines

Image credits: carlovalenzuela

#21 First Dive With Camera! Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Image credits: yuletide

#22 Ambient Light, Canon 5d Mark4, 8-15mm L Series 1/125 F5.6 Iso 6400

Image credits: caymanjason

#23 Turtles Tend To Calm Me Down… Oahu, Hi

Image credits: JraShoots

#24 Aegires Villosus

Image credits: KomangsAdikWayan

#25 A Pod Of Bottlenose Dolphins

Image credits: Apple-of-the-earths

#26 Common (Weedy) Sea Dragon Is Chosen By The Gods

Image credits: Death_Angel_1020

#27 Dive Buddies

Image credits: Jak_Crow

#28 Ambient Light Canon 5dmark4 8-15mm L Series Lens/ F5 Iso 100 1/125 Sec

Image credits: caymanjason

#29 Lone Hammerhead Shark Over Staghorn Coral!

Image credits: Apple-of-the-earths

#30 Janoluse Nudy Branch

Image credits: 999endy

#31 Shot On My Gopro Hero 6

Image credits: mohamed-ahzam

#32 Sea&sea Underwater Housing 8 Inch Acrylic Dome Port

Image credits: caymanjason

#33 Soft Coral In The Light Passing Through The Mangroves Above

Image credits: wilderblueseas

#34 One Of My Favourite Shots I’ve Taken Of Baby Sea Turtles!

Image credits: Apple-of-the-earths

#35 Giant Moray, Maldives

Image credits: hemmendorff