25 Times People Took Sculpture Posing To A New Level

These hilarious photos of people posing with statues made my day. As you can see, there are different types of tourists. Some people, myself included, take a boring photo of a statue, post it on Facebook, and then quickly forget it. Others, like these people, have a lot of fun posing with the statue, and their photos go viral on social media and brighten everyone’s day. Do you enjoy them as much as I do? Check out the fun gallery and tell your friends.

Curtesy AUXX.ME

#1 Kiss Him Like This!

#2 Is This A Sculpture Or Someone Real?

#3 True Laughs Have No Boundaries!

#4 Is She That Tasty Dude?

#5 This Is How I Drag My Boy To School When He Tries To Stay At Home

#6 Hammer This Worm!

#7 What You Did Was Not The Funny Dude!

#8 Is This A Green Color Human?

#9 You Have To Shave Regularly When You Are A Public Figure

#10 Oh My God! What Is The Thing That He Is Holding?

#11 That Historical Moment You Take A Selfie With Him!

#12 21st-Century Tricks Of

#13 I Am Wondering How This Guy Gets Into There!

#14 See This Is How We Post Things On Facebook

#15 Please Don’t Kill Him, Guys!

#16 Aww! How Sweet Is This Kiss!

#17 Please Darling, I Really Didn’t Chat With Her

#18 Now, This Is Not That ‘Nice’.

#19 I Don’t Think They Would Appreciate This Pose A Lot!

#20 Please Let Me Have This Little One!

#21 What Can He Be Told To Her?

#22 This Is How Many Things Work In The Current World!

# 23. Naughty lady!

funny statue photo idea

# 24 This photo is so funny!

funny statue photo idea

# 25 That’s not a very nice thing to do! Poor guy was just enjoying the view.

funny statue photo idea

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