Hilarious Pictures Of Kids Before And After Their First Day Of School

The first day of school can be joyful or traumatic for young children, depending on their expectations and how well they have prepared for this new chapter. However, after the first day of school like this, they won’t ask the dreaded question, “When is the first day of school?”

Sometime soon Since the advent of social media, parents across the country have been sharing photos of their fresh-faced children, all groomed and ready for their first day of school. the family porch, and almost always the obligatory backpack. Some of these children seemed downright excited to be attending their first day of the new school year.

Elementary school is nothing compared to high school, so hang in there, kids! Scroll through our handpicked selection of the funniest first day of school memes and remember: we’ve all been there before.

#1 Before And After The First Day Of School

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# 11 First Day And Second Day Of School

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# 14 First Day Of School

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