Plants and pots are both important parts of an indoor or outdoor yard, but it’s not always easy to figure out which plants and pots go well together. Putting together the right plants and pots can change the look of a room and give it a feeling of freshness.

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#1 My Friend Just Surprised Me With This Beautiful Selfmade Pot And I Can’t Stop Smiling!

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#2 Psycho Bob Just Chilling

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#3 This Weird Ceramic Tissue Holder Makes A Much Better Air Plant Display I Think!

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A cactus on the window sill and a money plant next to the bed. Plants make our homes feel so much cozier, and there’s no doubt that greenery makes a room look better. Whether you like flowers, cactuses, bonsais, or something else, having plants around is one of the best ways to make your home feel more welcoming. Taking care of a few small plants can be satisfying, especially for younger people who don’t have children or don’t plan to have any. Garden Pals says that 70% of millennials call themselves “plant parents.” During the pandemic, demand for flowers went up by 18%.

The average plant parent has killed seven of their kids, but we keep taking in more. Two-thirds of American homes have at least one plant, and the average American home spends more than $600 a year on gardening supplies. But when we see how helpful our plant babies can be, spending so much time, energy, and effort on them makes sense. It only takes 15 minutes to feel less stressed when you play with flowers, and having plants around can even make you 15% more productive.

#4 Perfect Match. Loved This Combo So Much, I Had To Make My First Reddit Post

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#5 Was Told To Post This Here Too

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If you’re trying to improve your health, you might also want to buy some flowers. People who have more plants in their workspace actually take fewer sick days. This could be because flowers can clean the air of up to 87% of toxins in just 24 hours. Also, having plants around can help you cook, since two-thirds of people grow or plan to grow plants that can be eaten. From my experience, there is nothing better than fresh basil or dill from your yard to finish a meal.

Jane Perrone is an author and writer who writes about plants and gardening. She was kind enough to talk about houseplants so we could learn more about them. When we asked Jane how she got interested in houseplants, she told us that she has been growing them since she was a kid. “I’ve loved them since I was very young. I find them interesting, and I love seeing how they grow and change.

#6 My Friends. He Doesn’t Like To Have His Hair Touched So I Shake His Cute Little Legs Instead

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#7 Frog Fam!

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Jane is also very good at putting plants in pots in creative ways. She said, “I hate spending money on pots, so I usually buy cheap containers at thrift stores and reuse things from my kitchen cabinets.” ” You can use salad plates, casserole pans, terracotta wine coolers, and china bowls as pots. I use a drill with a clay tile bit to make holes for drainage.

“I also love planting things in terracotta pots, especially cacti and succulents, which like the porous material because it keeps the roots from getting too wet,” Jane said. “You can buy these new, but if you look on sites like Craigslist and Freegle, you can often find people selling terracotta pots cheaply after cleaning out a garden shed.” Jane says that when growing plants, the most important thing to remember is to make sure that the size of the pot matches the size of the root ball. If you use a pot that is too big, there will be a lot of potting medium that doesn’t have roots in it. This can cause root rot. So, make sure the new pot is just a little bit bigger than the old one. When you put the two pots together, you should be able to fit one or two fingers between them

#8 ♥️ My Pothead

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#9 Girl And Her Cats, All So Happy With Their Crazy Summer Hairstyles

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#10 Guess It’s Better Than Petting My Real Cats Belly

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“I also tell people to try putting together in one container several plants that need the same kind of care.” ” It cuts down on the “muddle of pots’ look and the amount of watering that needs to be done! This could be done by putting plants from different pots into one large, shallow container with a layer of expanded clay pebbles at the bottom to soak up any extra water, or by putting the plants’ root balls into a single reservoir of potting soil.

Jane also says that anyone who wants to take care of a plant should study it before buying one. “Find out what they like and think about whether you can give them that in your home,” she says. “Most of the time, we don’t give plants enough light, but if you think they aren’t getting enough, move them slowly toward a window to keep them from getting sunburned.”

#11 Super Pleased With How This Turned Out!

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#12 I Was Told That I Should Post My Boston Fern And It’s Plant Pot/Stand Here

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#13 One Of My Favorite Pairings

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If you have a plant that isn’t doing well, Jane says not to put it on a high shelf. “Put it somewhere where you can see it every day. This will help you find problems quickly before they get out of hand.”
Do you, bears, want to turn your own house into an urban jungle? Even if you’re not good at keeping plants alive and thriving, I’m sure you can find something you can take care of and a pot that makes the plant shine.

#14 I Put My String Of Turtles In The New Pot I Got. I Think It’s A Great Fit

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#15 Painted A Pot For My Oxalis, I Think It Turned Out Pretty Well!

Painted A Pot For My Oxalis, I Think It Turned Out Pretty Well!

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#16 Ridiculous Yet Useful For My Bedside Table!

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#17 DIY Pineapple Planter

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#18 I’m O B S E S S E D!

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#19 Honestly I’ve Peaked. My Hubs Calls Cacti Alien Babies So I Took The Ones He Picked And Set This Up For His Favorites

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#20 Another Redditor Thought You Guys Might Appreciate This Little Guy

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#21 Found The Perfect Cactus For My Thrifted Ice Cream Cone Pot!

Found The Perfect Cactus For My Thrifted Ice Cream Cone Pot!

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#22 Brah, My New Plant And Pot Are The Perfect Match

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#23 Heard You Guys Might Like My Air Plant Octopus

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#24 Snake Pot, Snake Plants!

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#25 I Was Sent Here From R/Succulents: Burro’s Tail In An Estate Sale Find

I Was Sent Here From R/Succulents: Burro’s Tail In An Estate Sale Find

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