Men and women are very different from each other, and that’s a fact that everyone agrees on now. There have been books, movies, and TV shows that show the differences between men and women in a skillful way, but the idea is still interesting as we continue to try to understand each other.

With this goal in mind, one Reddit user, u/Diligent-Log6805, chose to find out more about what makes men feel “icky” about women. Answers poured in, and we’ve picked out a few of the most interesting ones that give us a look at the male point of view.

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#1 Duckface. It’s 2023. Some women still perform duckface 15 years after it was cringe.

Image source: broberdsCarl Roi

#2 This girl said ‘sowwie’ to me trying to be cute, and I instantly lost interest in her.

Image source: hopsinduoAnna Pou

#3 The f*****g testing.

Image source: PlzdontshadowbanmehVera Arsic

#4 Is Scotland. The fake tan and makeup were too obvious. You are in hell. Glasgow not madrid

Image source: HoneyInBlackCoffeeKristina Paukshtite

#5 If they act entitled, no one wants to be drained like that

Image source: NaiveAd8426Antony Greco

#6 Baby voice

Image source: RedCuttyKaterina Holmes

#7 Littering, wasting food, and being very selfish are all bad things.

Image source: JarcookiesBrian Yurasits

#8 “As a man, why are you taking care of yourself?” “As a MAN, your house shouldn’t be that clean.” Like sorry for not being a tramp

Image source: Sea_VillainPavel Danilyuk

#9 A lovely girl on a treadmill at the gym sneezed four times without covering her lips. Disgusted me

Image source: JBean85Edward Jenner

#10 Confusing confidence with being inconsiderate.

Image source: EvolvingEachDayCameron Sanborn

# 11 Denigrating and emasculating emotional guys. It’s one of the worst things you can do to someone. Also, using a man’s kids as pawns in disagreements, such cutting off visits because you’re upset with him. Don’t do that—it’s cruel to youngsters.

Image source: GVArcianAdrian Swancar

#12 One time an ex screamed at her 2-year-old nephew. Instantly unattractive

Image source: feralgrandmaYan Krukau

#13 Empathizing with every cause and group while treating people like trash.

Image source: Gubzs

#14 Over-the-top solipsism. That whole “I don’t perceive it that way, therefore you perceiving it that way cannot be valid” mindset.

Image source: UnoriginalUseMonstera

#15 Refer to themselves as a boss b***h, queen, princess, or baddie.

Image source: frostymastaCharles Nunes

#16 Hilariously fake eyelashes

Image source: AnonyKlau5Iulia_M

#17 silent approach, I’ve hated it for a long time when I’ve done something wrong and tried to apologize, but they told me there was nothing wrong with what I did.

Image source: StxrrVAAlex Green

#18 When they think a toxic trait of theirs is cute/quirky. There’s a big difference between being blunt in a respectful way and being a b***h.

Image source: SlightlyCheezedЕвгения Карпова

#19 Be super clingy, not have a life outside of the relationship, and baby talk when trying to be cute.

Image source: Hemogoblin_7Brooke Cagle

#20 Lie or do something hurtful, then play the victim so you end up calming them for what they did even though you want to cry. Lol

Image source: LabAfraid8005RDNE Stock project