According to a gym-obsessed grandmother, ‘You’re never too old for bikinis,’ Lesley Maxwell, 64, of Melbourne, Australia, flaunted her ripped physique in a tiny purple two-piece on Instagram last week, and she looked incredible. The video of the full-time personal trainer has gone viral, with fans flocking to the comments section to thank her for being their inspiration. Lesley radiated confidence as she twirled in a bikini with a gold clasp detail that accentuated her defined arms, washboard abs, and slim legs in the video.

Her blonde tresses were straight, and she enhanced her aged complexion with glamorous makeup. “Never too old for bikinis,” she captioned the post with hashtags such as “fitness over 60” and “fitness motivation.”

Fans flocked to the feedback section, with one writing, “Finally back in the gym! Thanks for the motivation! ‘Another added, “You are healthy, sexy, and looking incredible, so I am sure you can wear a bikini.” You are a huge inspiration. ‘Lesley has a military of lovers on Instagram, in which she stocks pics and motion pictures of her shredded appearance and exercise routines.

Size Eight Grandma trains five times a week and has nearly 30 local and national bikini competition titles under her belt, winning her first show at 49. She is pictured at 49 with her granddaughter Tia, 20. Lesley also hits the gym often with her 20-year-old niece Tia, a fitness fanatic, and people have previously said the two are more like “sisters. Ahead of last year’s holiday season, Lesley revealed common eating mistakes and what to avoid if you want to stay fit in the new year.

‘My tips for eating over the Christmas period would be to eat more turkey rather than cakes,’ Lesley told JamPress

“One is protein, while the other breaks down into sugar. I would say go easy on the soft drinks and wine too, as these are “empty calories” and usually get stored as soft body fat.”

It is not necessary to eat everything that is offered to you. If you’ve finished your meal and you’re offered more food, wait a minute. The feeling of overeating usually disappears. Another option would be to take a walk after Christmas dinner. Brisk walking can effectively train all the muscles of the legs and buttocks and is also ideal for the core muscles.

Burn those extra calories by walking with your family or friends. Anyone can easily follow these diet tips. Lesley suggested trying to get proper training between holiday events as well, to compensate for the extra food and booze.

“For those wanting to keep fit during Christmas my top tips would be to train with a friend or family member,’ she said.

‘After that, add a high-intensity workout into your weekly training schedule and make training fun!’

Lesley began her body transformation journey 14 years ago after using fitness to deal with her divorce. She is often approached by younger men but thinks age is just a number, saying all of her partners were younger than her, including her ex-husband, with whom she had a difference. 13 years old.