Everything someone could ever desire or need is readily available today, whether you want to shop online or at a physical store. However, what about the stuff we actually buy? We’ve compiled a directory of awful items that continue to earn millions in revenue despite widespread consumer rejection.

In this instance, one Reddit member named @A Flyingsquid wanted to know, “what’s that one product that’s fully worth your money?” so he asked the internet community for recommendations.

More than 57,000 people voted on the question in which respondents described numerous home products, clothing, shoes, and other items that make people’s lives easier and more comfortable. Many reviewers agreed that it is best to spend more money upfront to ensure that you have a high-quality product that will last you a long time, rather than skimping and replacing it twice.

Specifically, what do you feel is worthy of a higher price tag? Share your reactions and insights in the space provided below.

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NiekW274,Aaron Yoo

A good mattress and pillow!


penny_can,Gabriel White

well made bra


Someone In This Online Group Asked, “What's That One Product That Is Completely Worth Your Money?”, 30 Folks Delivered

A quality chef knife.


Someone In This Online Group Asked, “What's That One Product That Is Completely Worth Your Money?”, 30 Folks Delivered
badwolfincorporated,Sarah C

Birth control.


allthedifference,Rusty Clark ~ 100K Photos

Three good pairs of scissors. One for clothing, one for paper, and one for the kitchen. This saves so much time and aggravation.


-PM_ME_UR_BOOTY-,olle svensson

Good pair of shoes


allthedifference,Becky Stern

Anything designed to go between you and the ground. Shoes, bike or motorcycle helmet, mattress, car tires. Get good quality.


TegeTheKing,Dushan Hanuska

A good and comfortable chair to your desk


Tilleke,Mike Mozart



Alias338,Aaron Yoo

Ten foot charger for your phone.


MarhThrombus,Vanessa Hayes

Professionnal photographer at your wedding


ThatNurseGuyJon,The Lamb Family

A toothbrush. It is literally life-saving and can prevent you a whole world of pain in both your body and wallet. Bonus points if you brush twice and day and floss.


InfaredRidingHood,Rorro Navia



Fridaysgame,Tony Harrison

Prescription Sunglasses


fireinvestigator113,Tony Webster

A good power strip. Don’t buy the cheapest one. That’s how you burn down your house.


ForgettableUsername,Becky Stern

Socks. Despite the expense and the inconvenience of obtaining them, there is nothing that compares to the feeling of wearing warm, dry socks.


johnsolomon,Michael Carian

A good pair of jeans


fantasybro,Michael Nutt

One sharp, well-tailored suit for work and formal occasions. After that, you can just change up your shirt, trousers, and tie and you’ll still look impressive



Roomba. Haven’t swept in two years. 730 days my broom has not come from the side of the fridge. He probably misses me. I’m gonna go check up on him.



My bidet. Best $35 I’ve ever spent.