Zach Montana was ready to plug in his phone and listen to his music when he turned on the car sound in his automobile. However, before he could do so, music from a CD in the car began to play. It appeared to be a song from his father’s repertoire, as he usually listened to music from CDs. The song piqued Zach’s interest, so he let it play. It was fantastic, but he couldn’t place the tune. The vocals then began. A voice that sounds familiar. Then it dawned on him. It had to be his father! “Surrender to Me,” Zach discovered, was an unreleased song from the 1970s. According to TODAY, he was struck with emotion and promptly posted it with his TikTok followers, where it quickly went viral.


Zach is the son of drummer William “Curly” Smith, and it was through his father that he developed an interest in music. From 1994 through 2001, Smith was Boston’s drummer, touring and recording with the rock band. Rick Springfield, Bette Midler, and Bonnie Raitt have all worked with him as singers and guitarists. Smith co-produced the song with singer-songwriter Mark Olson, who died away, and recorded it 43 years ago. Because Smith didn’t have a record deal, they could never release the song.

“I decided that it was time to write and record some R&B funk songs.” Smith told Insider, “I got some fantastic, kickass Motown session players and, after writing the song, I hit the studio to record it.” He considers it a miracle. “Now and again in your life, something incredible happens. I consider the release of this music, after 43 years on a dusty shelf, a miracle in my life. He exclaimed, “Hallelujah!”


Zach says his father, who is now 70, “had been out of the game for a while,” but that his music career is finally taking off. He was also invited to play the song on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” where he did so. Zach’s father is ecstatic that his music has been released, but he’s even more thrilled about what it can do for his son as a musician. “Of course, my father is more ecstatic about what it implies on behalf of me ,” Zach explained. “He says, ‘This goes to garner your music tons of attention.’ that is the sort of individual he’s .” Because the market was already swamped with this sort of disco music, the 19-year-old believes his father’s song didn’t catch on


“I believe they offered it to Motown Records and a few of other divisions, but nothing came of it.” And that they couldn’t distribute anything without a label some times past. “Obviously, there were no streaming services,” Zach explained, adding that the song has brought them closer together. “He’s always been an incredible father – the best I could ever hope for.” This incident has only strengthened our bond.”


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