The internet was first made for military use. Later, it became a way for researchers and others to talk to each other. But we all know that the people who started the project knew its main goal was to let people share cool things on it.

And as soon as people figured out how to make it work, Reddit and r/Awesome came along. r/Awesome is a dedicated community with about 1 million members who share everything they think is awesome.

Whether it’s something they found in real life or on the internet, something they or their friends made, or an experience of any kind, it all makes its way to this subreddit for everyone to enjoy.

We looked through the subreddit for the best things people found that had to be shared, and we made a list of them. You can find some of their best posts in the gallery below.

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#1 The Door Is Real, The Rest Is Graffiti

mage source: Commercial_Bed_4967

#2 Taiwanese Orchids Are Also Supporting Ukraine?? *not Cg*

Image source: iamrollingpin

#3 The Most Beautiful Animal I’ve Ever Seen. I Give You “Boogie” Resident Jaguar In The Tbilisi Zoo

Image source: abidayub

#4  Here’s A Basket Seller That Really Knows How To Cram Baskets On His Bike

mage source: Next-Caterpillar-393

#5 These Watches Called Zalzach Were Initially Designed For Blind People… You Can Tell The Time By Touching The Two Magnets

Image source: MarioThyme

#6 Let’s Do This!!

Image source: BernieThree

#7 Hand Crocheted 3D Sheet

Image source: FuccWhatUGottaSay

#8 A Picture My Dad Got While Fighting A Fire At My Town Museum

Image source: hurtdoughnut

#9 This Is An Emu Egg

Image source: FuccWhatUGottaSay

#10 The Two Fish Raised In The Office Are Kissing!

Image source: lifang708

#11 Bonsai Tree Sold For $16,000 In Japan

Image source: EmbarrassedPoet3218

#12 Perfect Shot

Image source: j3ffr33d0m

#13 Gold Bridge In Vietnam

Image source:

#14 Awesomeness!

Image source: enlightenedpersonage

#15 This Guy Made These All Out Of Wood. They Have Movable And Removable Parts. Zoom In N Look At The Work Put Into Them. The Combine Alone Took Him 260 Hours To Make

Image source: j3ffr33d0m

#16 After 10 Years Of Addiction, Prisons, And Rehabs, I Got My First Car With Credit, My Own Place, And My Dream Job At 30 Years Old!

Image source: crewchiieff

#17 118 Year Old Dogwood

Image source: TheRoyalDon

#18 Ukrainian Soldier With Her Guardian Angel

Image source: kampalli_bala_reddy

#19 Someone At My School Drew This On A White Board

Image source: Certain_Lobster_8954

#20 What A Cool Dude

Image source: _jake__peralta_

#21 Beautiful

Image source: ThaProtege

#22 A Handful Of Miniature Ceramic Watermelephants I Have Been Working On Recently

Image source: Hannahporcelain

#23 “Hey, Why Is There A Hole In My Flower Gard…oh!”

Image source:rahul142

#24 Beautiful Tri-Colored Dalmatian

Image source: FuccWhatUGottaSay

#25 Was Smashed When Bought Online…yes Or No?

image source: CellistDelicious5647