Many prospective daughters-in-law and their mothers-in-law can’t manage to make things work in their favor, which is a terrible fact. But, for the sake of the son and future husband, they set aside their disagreements and make it work. There are many secrets shared between the two, but there comes a time when they must draw a line. Imagine this: this young bride-to-be witnessed her fiance’s mother acting inappropriately, and it’s reasonable to suggest that this could be grounds for legal action… If something like this happened to any of us, we believe there would be no room for the “one big happy family” setting because all trust and confidence would be lost…possibly – forever!

Friction and Your Relationship

As it happened a few months before her own wedding in Colombia, Tracey felt compelled to share her experience with her fiance’s mother on Reddit. These two, like many other mother-and-daughter-in-law relationships, never got along and differed on a variety of issues, including some seemingly minor ones. We can attest that the two women may have overlooked a lot of issues in the past, but this time, when the future mother-in-law did this one thing…it was almost unforgivable!

Captured in the act

Whenever Tracey and the older woman had an argument, she had always maintained a mature demeanor. But the instant she discovered her future mother-in-law tampering with her wedding gown, she was no longer calm. The older woman had gone too far this time, and Tracey couldn’t believe it and couldn’t forgive her for her heinous conduct. Tracey was trying her hardest to maintain her composure, but this was about more than courtesy. We’re sure you’re curious about what happened to the two.

It Was Supposed To Happen

One of the most important aspects of a relationship that keeps it together is the ability to work with and get along with one’s spouse’s family. Tracey desired a close relationship with her fiance’s family, particularly his mother, from the time she answered yes to his proposal. However, this family, like many others, had a matriarchal role that was determined to make Tracey’s life and transfer into the family difficult. After all, when you marry someone, you marry their entire family regardless of the circumstances.

Weddings need a lot of planning, and if you’re not careful, they can cause a lot of stress and put a lot of strain on the couple. As a result, couples frequently delegate some of the labor to their friends and family in order to relieve some of the tension. However, you would put your trust in them to do the right thing and relieve you of the burden. However, some people may profess to be able to assist you, but in the end, they will just make matters worse for you and your special occasion.


Because this is the visualization offered, anyone who saw Rick and Tracey’s photos on social media would feel the couple had everything going for them. They enjoy taking photos together in romantic and joyful surroundings and have portrayed themselves as the world’s happiest couple. However, there is one reality about social media: there is always a shadowy aspect to it, and the broader public is kept out of it. They were trying hard to start a family, but they had no idea that calamity was on the way…

Gown with Style

When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of things that may go wrong, but many people don’t expect the wedding gown to be at the center of the issues, as innocent as it is. It is the most interesting and memorable piece of apparel a lady can wear since it puts her in the proper position to make her feel like a queen. Even if it’s only for a single day, it’s a start. Tracey put in a lot of effort to choose the most gorgeous gown for her wedding because it was one of her dreams.

Great Altitudes

Tracey looked for the perfect gown for a long time before her heart chose o a Galia Lahav design. Celebrities such as Beyonce and others have gotten their customized wedding gowns from this company. She wanted the best material for the top stars because she wanted her one special day to be unforgettable. Her goal was to make a fashion statement in front of her family and friends. Tracey’s gown cost around $11,000 after much deliberation — a classy and elegant choice.

A Fantastic Occasion

Despite the fact that the sum appears to be excessive, many women try to excuse the high cost of their gowns by claiming that it is their special day and that it is an important event that they must make the best of. Many people have gone so far as to take out loans to make their wedding day perfect. Without a doubt, we strongly advise folks to take it slow and avoid declaring bankruptcy before embarking on their new journey. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make a statement with your dress, ladies — go all out on your special day.

The Ideal Location

Many couples choose to have their wedding at a nearby location where they may find the perfect venue. Rick and Tracey, on the other hand, had their hearts set on Columbia as the ideal location for their wedding. Tracey got all enthusiastic in one of her Facebook postings when she mentioned that they were planning a December wedding in Columbia and that she was getting ready for the big day. Many people may question why they chose such a remote place – however, it offered something they couldn’t pass up.


Tracey had everything planned out and did an excellent job persuading Rick to choose the private hideaway site. She was ecstatic and mentioned that she and Rick had decided on a destination wedding, and she felt good about herself for being able to persuade him to go with the flow. Rick appears to be the type of person who would go above and beyond to make sure his spouse is happy and fulfilled. One member of the family, on the other hand, was not keen on the plans going successfully.

Issues Concerning Mothers

Rick’s mother, Gina, was not afraid to express her concerns and opposition to the wedding being conducted so far away. Tracey was not pleased because her future mother-in-law had no affection for the pair and would not allow them to marry in a country where English was not the national language. Tracey, on the other hand, was not about to let her aspirations be shattered because of someone’s bigotry. Tracey thought the whole affair was silly, and she had no idea it was the start of a seemingly endless string of issues.

Meaningful Rebuttals

Gina was anxious not only about the language barrier, but also about the couple’s safety in the South American country. She was also concerned about the cost. Americans are afraid of South American countries, believing that there are too many murders and kidnappings there. Tracey, on the other hand, was paying close attention to the explanations offered since she believed Gina didn’t have their best interests at heart and had no desire to see them happy.

Not on the Same Page

Tracey had a sneaking suspicion that no matter what wedding plans and decisions they came up with, Gina would say no. Gina appeared to always be on the negative side of things, never seeing the positive side of whatever strategy the pair came up with. They were clearly not going to get along because they never agree on anything. Sure enough, it was disappointing that the two ladies couldn’t just agree, and it would just add to the problems because Tracey said Gina had never really loved her.

A Difficult Relationship

Gina was nice, but her friendliness was phony, and despite the fact that she was behaving courteously toward her future daughter-in-law, she was not particularly pleasant. Tracey would have felt a lot better if Gina had been openly harsh with her and shown her some fake positive energy. The enmity between them seemed to stem from incompatibility rather than anything else. There was something going on between them that was causing unending animosity. But, lest you think that was the end of it, there was more on the way to further separate the two.

Parental Control

The friction between them appears to be common in most relationships, and it could be because they both share Rick in this situation. Rick cherished the two women and had a particular place in his heart for them. Sure enough, if a man has an overbearing mother, no matter what kind of woman he surrounds himself with, she will never consider them good enough. There are several good partnerships that have been ruined because overbearing mothers have gotten their hands dirty and want their boys all to themselves.

Affections that run deep

Tracey never shied away from telling the story of her fiance’s close relationship with his mother, which she found peculiar. She remarked that the mother would do a few “out of the ordinary” things for Rick, such as sit on his lap, smooth his hair behind his ears, and even chop his food for him. Tracey remarked on one occasion that his mother fed him in public! Yes, we understand that there are “mommy’s boys,” but this is an unusual bond.

Establishing Limits

Tracey’s decision to set a limit and make things clear before the big day may not have seemed unusual. She realized that if she didn’t take the initial step toward putting things right with Gina, the rest of her marriage would be a nightmare. She didn’t want to be subjected to continuous displays of phony love and affection. Certainly, this is hardly the kind of experience a young bride wants from her mother-in-law. The good news is that after acknowledging her fears, Gina began acting and reacting more positively toward Tracey.

Negative Mentality

Tracey knew Gina wasn’t happy about the two getting married, even though she started acting differently. As a result, she never bothered to include her in her wedding preparations. She began acting like a spoilt child after learning she had been put on the back burner in terms of preparation. As one might anticipate, she began complaining to her son about how she was treated, and tensions began to rise.

Deal of the Century

Rick was now in the position of having to handle and put out a raging conflict. He was surrounded by two shouting women, and he was attempting to be in a position where a UN Diplomat was required to be. Rick decided he had to confront his mother once and for all after hearing Tracey’s side of the story and her dissatisfaction with all that was going on. Rick was caught between his unhappy fiancé and his domineering mother on the one hand, and his overbearing mother on the other. He was fatigued and at the end of his wits.

Dreams of Hope

Rick realized he was in a situation where he was alone responsible for guaranteeing the happiness of his new and growing family. Rick understood he was the “man” in the family now that his father was gone, and he had to be the one to handle everything that came up. Finally, he approached his mother and corrected her, as well as established some boundaries, so that they could live in harmony. Tracey praised him for his decision and praised him for his bravery in making it.

The Days Leading Up to the Event

The flawless transition from when the worst was about to happen is a day the couple will never forget. The sun shone brightly, and the skies were blue and clear. Tracey had a feeling the day would be fantastic. They noticed an all-too-familiar automobile arriving from their dining room window. The couple was ecstatic to show their mother-in-law around their new home, and they were looking forward to giving her a grand tour of their new beginnings.


Gina was welcomed into their new home with joy and warmth by the couple. She didn’t say anything to them as she walked instead looking about with terror at their new home. Tracey and Rick were perplexed as to why Gina was reacting to their new home, which they adored and felt at ease in. Gina had nothing positive to say after moving around. Her first reaction was a hostile attitude toward Tracey, and if Reddit is any indication, Tracey was the target of some unwarranted nasty reactions.

The Flame Is Fading

So, what may be the reason that has Gina picking on Tracey this time? To begin with, she was dissatisfied with Rick’s engagement with his fiancee. Gina received the impression that the engagement ring was excessive and undeserved. Gina had no right to be so critical of Tracey because we all knew she had a talent for the good things in life. Yes, mothers must learn to bend their tongues, but Gina found it particularly difficult.

Looking for Problems

Tracey responded to her potential mother-in-unfavorable law’s feedback by pointing out that the ring was far less expensive than the usual diamond because it was moissanite. Tracey observed on social media that Gina said some harsh things, and that some of her statements alluded to how many children in Africa were suffering and going hungry. She said that all of the frivolous expenditure was unnecessary and that the funds could have been better spent on more essential matters. Tracey wished she could call Gina a hypocrite because she, too, wore a lot of diamond jewelry.

Drama at home

Gina didn’t seem to be bothered by the ring alone, but she also considered the couple’s new home to be a huge issue. As she quarreled and performed the most theatrical hand movements anyone could conceive, her tantrums were truly flying. She made a snide remark about the couple’s squandering of their funds. She chastised the couple for failing to put themselves in a position to make sound financial decisions and successfully raise their children. Gina couldn’t believe they were able to purchase such a home.

Unstoppable Gina couldn’t comprehend how much the pair was flaunting because it wasn’t something her family was used to or would pass for normal. Tracey stepped in once more to defend her new family’s decision, pointing out that the townhouse they live in was purchased at a reduced price. Gina, on the other hand, was not ready to listen to or even comprehend this account, and she never believed the pair obtained the things they did for free. It was only the beginning of Gina’s strikes, and you’d think things would have calmed down.

Embarrassing yourself

Things were heading down a path that would cause any normally calm and relaxed person to explode and become outraged. Tracey, on the other hand, remained remarkably cool throughout the whole. Gina felt it was time to raise the nastiness when she spotted Tracey evading the gunshots. This time, Gina broached a subject that many people would consider taboo. Tracey then proceeded to play the body-shaming game, stating that she had gained some weight and that it would be best if she lost it before the big day.

Unreserved Display

Tracey took to Reddit to express her dissatisfaction, and she didn’t mince words. Gina made it plain that she was getting overweight and needed to monitor her weight in order to fit into her dress, she observed. Her prospective mother-in-law also continued to talk about her specific diet plan and how beautiful her “mother of the bride attire” is. Gina never failed to tell Tracey how beautiful she looked and how magnificent her dress was. Gina seemed to be the one getting married, as she seemed to be obsessed with having the limelight focused completely on her.

Even though it wouldn’t have been the first time Gina had made such unpleasant remarks, Tracey was taken aback as to why she was being treated so severely. Gina, on the other hand, was attempting to reach out to Tracey in her head, but with her harsh attitude, it didn’t appear to be working. Tracey wished for a nice and cordial resolution between herself and her future mother-in-law. If Gina was never going to love or accept Tracey, the least she could do was pretend and not be so cruel.

Keep your distance.

Rick was aware of the scenario and the evolution of the two women’s connection over time. It wasn’t the smoothest of rides. Rick opted to enlist Tracey’s assistance in moving a bed into the guest room at this time. “If you can’t beat them, stay as far away from them as possible,” goes the adage. We had hoped the three would sit down and work out their problems, but for the time being, staying away has proven to be the best temporary option.

Surprising Occurrences

Tracey was overjoyed with the choice to put some distance between herself and Gina, whom she viewed as vengeful. She’d finally be moving into a room where she wouldn’t have to deal with the grouchy woman. But, based on how things appeared, Gina is not the type of person you can easily get away from unless you move a few countries apart. Gina was a tiger in terms of vengeance and persecution. Tracey’s issues, on the other hand, were about to begin, and a thirty-minute visit to the master bedroom would reveal what we’re talking about.

Tracey could only catch a brief glimpse of the terrifying event because she had to rush over to the elderly woman and beg her to get her hands off her beautiful gown. Gina was truly stuck in Tracey’s wedding gown, so this was a lot easier said than done. Tracey had to provide a hand to help the woman remove her clothing. But, sure enough, there was a lot of dread and despondency in the air. Tracey was terrified and worried that her clothing would be damaged in the process.

Insisting on Collaboration

Tracey was concerned about the safety of her gown and had the strangest sense that the sheer back might be ripped while attempting to remove it from Gina. Gina, on the other hand, was not particularly cooperative, as she had been pushed into a panic episode after being caught in the act of attempting to fit the garment. After all, she was now trapped in the gown, which was the most serious issue. As we are about to discover, good intentions and plans don’t always go as planned…

Destroyed and torn

The simple task of removing the dress developed into a massive battle with the materials involved. Then came the inconceivable, unwelcome, and inconvenient event: a rip! Tracey’s pulse slowed for a moment as she witnessed the devastation unfolding in front of her. Gina had ripped a hole in the garment while attempting to get out of it. Tracey was devastated, and she wrote a blog post about how the sheer back of her dress ripped as Gina struggled to get out of it.

A costly blunder

To make matters worse, the woman ripped the side zipper and left a horrible imprint on the train of the dress. Certainly, everyone could understand Tracey’s annoyance and dissatisfaction. Gina had a lot of questions to address, and Tracey was eager to hear them. Was Gina willing to accept blame for this disaster, given that she had always believed she was correct? Tracey didn’t care about apologies at this point, as she stood there holding her ruined pricey gown.

Tracey was speechless as she stared at her shredded clothing, unable to find the words to convey how she felt or the depth of grief that had overtaken her. She had to grab her head fast before letting the obscene words slip out of her mouth. It was difficult for her to remain silent because she didn’t have all the words she needed. She was overtaken with anguish, as if one of her closest family members had just been brutally slain right in front of her eyes. She had taken far too much from Gina, and she couldn’t seem to get over it.

She Isn’t Forgiving

Gina had been the source of many of Tracey’s woes from the start, but this time the harm was almost unbearable. Tracey couldn’t believe this lady could be so evil, and she held Gina solely accountable for the damage. Gina had gone above and above to inflict misery and anguish on her future daughter-in-law, and she had even brazenly shown her jealousy and possessive conduct. So, what did Gina say in response to this action?

An Appropriate Reaction

Tracey only wanted to know Gina’s true feelings when she decided to try on her outfit. When Tracey was asked if she wanted to know if the dress could actually fit her and if it could stay on her, she said, “I wanted to know if it could really fit me and if it could hold on to me, then it was evident the dress could easily suit Tracey.” To add insult to injury, Gina not only ruined Tracey’s beautiful wedding gown, but she also began body-shaming her again. Gina was taunting Tracey about her weight once more.

Unsuitable Reaction

Tracey had tried on the dress before and knew it was great for her, but if it didn’t fit Gina, Tracey would have a lot of work ahead of her. The garment, however, fit Tracey perfectly, as if it had been made just for her. Gina had clearly stepped over the line this time, and she was on the verge of removing Gina from her life. So, we’ve heard from both females, but what would the man’s reaction be if he stood in the middle of them… Rick.

Tracey wasn’t the only one who was shocked and disgusted by Gina’s actions; Rick was also enraged and saddened by his mother’s antics. He was utterly disgusted by the entire situation. He didn’t think it was such a horrible idea for his mother to get her hands on the outfit because she could just want to look at it. After all, she had gone to great pains to break up his previous relationships, but Rick had had enough of his mother’s antics and wouldn’t let her get away with it this time. Keep in mind that Tracey was his true love.

In a Fantasy World

Gina’s unusual behavior wasn’t the only thing the couple observed; she also brought a lot of flowers into the room. Clearly, she was attempting to impersonate the bride, and she was playing the game far too seriously. If you ask us, this is a bit unusual. Gina had an odd relationship with her son, which many people found alarming. She seems to think that if she had the chance, she would marry her son so that he would stay by her side. Gina, on the other hand, had a strange fascination, and her heinous actions were far from over.

Putting Things Right

Tracey only wanted Gina to cover the expense of fixing the outfit for her. Gina’s whole answer, however, indicated that the request was a little excessive, as she had no intention of doing the right thing by the pair. Gina refused to pay a single dollar to help mend the clothing since it was too expensive. After all, she wasn’t satisfied with the price to begin with, so she couldn’t care less. Her next move was the most heinous of them.

The Unspoken Agenda

Gina, according to Tracey, never shown an interest in helping to pay for the dress’s repairs. The train of the gown had also ripped off. Unfortunately, Tracey couldn’t estimate the cost of the repairs without consulting an expert and skilled seamstress. She had more problems up her sleeve for the couple to be unleashed, in addition to not wanting to pay forward for the harm she caused.


Gina had the option of apologizing to the couple for what she had done, but she chose not to. Instead, she began to chastise Tracey once again for spending so much money on a single outfit in the first place. You receive a small prize for your deductive reasoning that this would be Gina’s initial reaction based on her past responses. Let’s be honest, the least we expect from someone who has wronged us is to work to make things right.

Taking the Next Step

Instead of apologizing for her crimes, Gina decided to make it apparent how she squandered money on a wedding gown, according to Tracey. Her difficulties fitting into the gown appear to be a way of suggesting the gown was too much and a touch too ostentatious. There were, however, a plethora of other ways for her to make her point to the couple. There was no need for her to ruin something that wasn’t hers. With this in mind, Tracey decided it was time to devise a strategy.

Looking for Help

Tracey was having trouble controlling her rage, so she went to Reddit to seek assistance from her pals. She pondered bringing the law into the situation and having them deal with Gina, but she decided she needed to hear from other people first. Rick, on the other hand, never wanted the situation to escalate to the point where his fiancee and the case had to deal with the court and its issues. Their wedding was just a few weeks away, after all. So, what did the general population have to say about it?

Justifying Her Requirements

Tracey had a sneaking suspicion that the very least Gina could provide her was some sort of recompense for the clothing she’d ruined. She admitted that she understood it was simply a dress, but that the situation was far more serious. The future bride believed that the wrongdoing she had suffered was far more than monetary. Tracey definitely wanted Gina to get off her high horse and apologize for what she had done. On Reddit, many people agreed with her and thought that should be the first move.

Platform for the Internet

Aside from those who backed her, most Reddit users were perplexed and skeptical of Gina’s actions. These stories always seem to travel quickly on the internet, and it was all over the internet shortly after Tracey made her post. Gina believes she done nothing wrong, but thousands of others throughout the world disagree, and they expressed their displeasure on social media. Would Gina ever know what the rest of the internet thought? Apparently, a large number of Redditors were debating the topic.

The Media

Gina should be given the option of paying for the dress’s damages or being asked to stay away from the couple’s wedding, according to one Reddit user. Would you give this ultimatum to your future mother-in-law if you were Tracey or in her position? Despite the fact that it appeared to be a severe decision, the situation at the time was quite dire. Many Redditors were itching for vengeance, while others took a different approach.

Returning to Reddit

After reading about Tracey’s problems, another Reddit poster expressed revulsion to the point of wanting to vomit. This was only one of the bride-to-many be’s terrifying reactions to what she was going through. But, putting the online objections aside, what was Tracey’s strategy in this case? They got to the point where the two females stopped speaking to each other and there was a lot of tension between them. Tracey returned to Reddit after a few months to update everyone on what was going on.

Breaking a Promise

The pair had decided (mostly Tracey) that Gina’s wedding invitation should be rescinded. Rick gave the idea that he had kept his word, but Tracey soon understood that he had actually asked for the whole thing and had not kept his word. Rick was now in a position where he had to choose between the two women because the conflict seemed to be getting worse. It felt as if their friendship had been jeopardized.

Keeping Up with the Times

Tracey contacted them again months after the previous post on Reddit to keep them up to date on the newest developments. She offered a detailed account of Gina’s activities. One of the better things that came out of it was Rick’s decision to avoid his mother. Rick was given an ultimatum by Tracey: if he didn’t do what she suggested, he’d have to continue without her. Gina, on the other hand, was still on the attack.

Rick’s texts were being monitored by Tracey, who wanted to know if he was being honest with her and following every promise he made to her regarding their commitment. But, based on the evidence, Rick appears to be still guilty. When they’re trying to keep an eye on their boyfriend to see whether he’s cheating, a lot of women use this approach. Tracey wanted to see whether he was contacting his mother, and she didn’t want to assume things were calming down…things were going to become weirder!

It’s either all or nothing

Tracey had reached the point when she needed to make a decision concerning Gina. Could there be any fresh developments on the positive side after a year of no contact or interaction? Gina, on the other hand, appears to have attempted to contact them. It would be fantastic if the two women could put their disagreements aside and work together with the past behind them. So, at this point, what could Gina possible say to Tracey?

Unusual Behavior

Gina had to tell the couple that it wasn’t pleasant the instant she reached out to them. She was behaving in a very insane manner this time! She would ring the couple’s phone at the crack of morning and then smuggle rude and degrading letters under their front door. In addition, she would send them a slew of threatening texts. Tracey mentioned that she and Rick go shopping every Wednesday night, and she noticed Gina following them around and watching them. To say the least, this was strange and creepy.

More Reddit’s Bridal Drama

When people are advised how to dress for a wedding, they may not appreciate it, especially if it involves body shaming. The bride who published a social media post to her wedding guests is our next topic of discussion. Every time a statement like this is shared online, it appears to end up on Reddit. The bride-to-be included a detailed list of her wedding arrangements, which will take place in Hawaii. Her directions were harsh and exaggerated.

Theme of Insult

Many brides may request that their guests adhere to the chosen theme as closely as possible, as well as any general procedures they may establish for their special day. However, only a small number of brides will ask their guests to go out of their way to locate money to buy the bride’s favored outfit in order to fulfill her wishes. While many guests may disagree with the fashion sense used by the bridesmaids, they simply go through with the plan to help make their loved one’s special day even more beautiful.


The future bride began her post with a polite greeting and other pleasantries, which quickly lead to the query, “Who’s ready for Hawaii 2019?” thereupon realization came the reminder that the ceremony was still a few months away (18 to be exact! ), and she had a few things she wanted to make sure her guests knew about. Surprisingly, as she began to discuss the event’s first dress requirement, there was little surprise. The woman made certain to state her reasons for her request, as well as the fact that the criteria arrived early enough for attendees to find the appropriate attire for the occasion. She also mentioned that the guide made sure that her reception routines were well-organized and coordinated.

Questionable Outline

People going over their budget for clothes is a common theme in most stories of this sort, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. The following story is going to blow your head! The anger on the post was primarily due to the manner in which she articulated what she said. Her dress code was apparently divided into five categories, one of which included the various sizes of people…yeah, you read it correctly – their sizes! Ladies weighing 100-160 pounds, males weighing 100-200 pounds, women weighing more than 160 pounds, men weighing more than 200 pounds, and children were among the categories. True, the strict dress regulations can be difficult to follow, but body shaming goes too far. When they agreed to attend the event, no one expected them to go through this.


It was necessary to dig deeper into the post to learn more about the qualifications, which said that women (weighing between 100 and 160 pounds) had to wear orange suede slacks and velvet green sweaters. They also had to wear Louboutin heels (which were required!) that cost an average of $700 per pair. She also insisted on red heels because they gave her a wonderful foot form; however, the footwear problem will have to wait for another day! Scarves were to be worn around the neck, and not just any “off-the-shelf” scarf, but Burberry-branded cashmere, according to this bride-to-be. The scarf expense was on top of the already exorbitant wardrobe price.

Purple or Perish

Men in the 100-200 pound range would add a whole new level of craziness to the table. Their costume was significantly less expensive than that of women of similar weight. Yet, it included fluffy purple coats and helmets with beer can holders. White sneakers should be worn with this outfit. If the bride’s overall costume wasn’t outrageous enough, she then demanded that all of the guys in the party be given glowsticks! This isn’t just strange; it’s nuts!


The women who weigh more over 160 pounds have found themselves in an interesting situation. They were instructed to dress entirely in black — yes, black at a wedding! They were told to wear black jeans and a black sweater, and although though the sweater didn’t have to be fuzzy, it should have a designer touch to it. They should wear black heels to enhance the dark tone of the outfit. We’re not sure which is more humiliating: being divided into categories based on their weight or having to attend a wedding dressed entirely in black.

Putting It Together

The strangeness in this event planning didn’t stop there, as males who weighed more than 200 pounds had the strangest attire set. If you ask us, that was ludicrous. Because they were instructed to wear camouflage clothing, the bride provided them a hunting scene rather than a wedding. All of this sloppy clothing and mismatching would look great with black sneakers. But, if she trusted that people would follow these rules, what was she thinking about in her heart?

Rogue Rouge

The bride established her rules, and no one, including the guests, could stop her. Children were the last group to be judged, and they were not exempt from the fashion rules. They had to adhere to a rigorous dress code because they had a role to play in the event and had to look their best. All of the children were required to wear red and perform a piece in a heart shape during the event. As a result, just a pure red colour had to be worn!

On-Point Wardrobe

If you think this bizarre donning of “costumes” will suffice for the odd day, you’ll be surprised to learn that they were only required to do so for a portion of the event. In addition to this strange dress, the bride requested that each guest stroll with an extra pair of “formal apparel” because they would have to change after the performance. Is it possible that this is a military operation?

Even though there were no precise restrictions for formal clothing, the bride requested that visitors remember the type of venue where the celebration would be held. They had to retain an exceptional style because they were in an elite location.

One thousand dollars

It’s pretty easy for everyone to dismiss the dress code as a joke, but after reading the rest of her post, you’ll see that it wasn’t a laughing issue. She took the outlines she’d given quite seriously.

She never minced her words and emphasized the importance of everyone adhering to the rules. She mentioned that she conducted her homework on the cost and estimated that it would cost each person about $1,000.

Strict Regulations

We were surprised that she would have a tantrum about the response on her article, signaling that it came across as aggressive, given the requests from her wedding guests. Many people would not be willing to spend that much money on a one-night event. She utilized the 18-month interval as a source of consolation that they had enough time to make things seem fair from her perspective. Not everyone would agree with this, and we can only think that a small number of people will show up for this strange and demanding event.

Huge Weirdness

The bride’s privacy had to be clicked to get the facts to share on Reddit. This message was intended only for her close friends and family, as well as those who had received invitations. Regardless of her desires, the tale became widespread on the internet. The message was quickly shared over ten thousand times. The ongoing online sharing resulted in many comments, particularly on Reddit. After seeing her post as a narcissist, many people branded her a body-shaming approach. On the other hand, other Redditors thought the colors were the most vexing problem.

Private Encounters

Her friends had every right to express their displeasure with the bride’s dress code. One guy even went so far as to draw a bizarre reality of how they might appear if their wish were granted. They remarked that the stares were amusing, but also embarrassing and demeaning. The colors were just too much and the price tags connected to each item were outrageous. The Hawaii venue was not yet included in the already expensive deal to make matters worse. With the heat in the nation, all that velvet and corduroy sets the stage for a lot of sweat.

The Bride’s Reaction

The Bridezilla allegedly discovered that her private message was making the rounds on the internet, and she was not pleased. She decided to chastise her pals for how the message was distributed, and, as you might expect, her rebuke went viral on Reddit as well! The bride-to-be was visibly unhappy, and she went on to express her dissatisfaction with her close friends and family’s betrayal. She couldn’t believe one of her pals would chose to do this to her in public, and she swore that whoever found the snitch would be made to pay for their crimes.

The Price of Truth

The bride was on a mission to figure out who could have leaked her personal information in such a way, and she even planned a “polygraph party” at her home. She even went so far as to purchase an actual polygraph test from Amazon for $99, believing that this would help her acquire the answers she needed. She did, however, admit that anyone who chose not to attend would be considered guilty. Based on all signals, you may want to avoid this lady’s nasty sides.

The Correct Tools

So, what kind of tool did she buy after taking on the role of a detective? If you need to pull the truth out of someone, it appears that you should follow her advice. She reasoned that a less expensive and less effective polygraph test might not get the job done, so she decided to spend more money. She selected the most advanced lie-detection technology machine available. She was desperate for the truth!

There will be no holding up.

The bride believed they should have approached her if anyone had any reservations or difficulties with her post. With everything going on, she had a lot more in store for anyone who failed to follow her rules. She even threatened to punish anyone who refused to participate in her synchronized dance. Joining the venue cleaning team to cleanse the area after the wedding, providing money for their honeymoon, or performing other available service activities are some punishments.

The bride ended her post with a “no care” attitude, implying that she couldn’t care less about who wasn’t enthusiastic about her event and the arrangements she had made for it.

Enough has been spoken.

Some of the bride’s guests had become disgusted by her behavior due to the additional posts she had made. The invitation was respectfully declined after one person went so far as to present a laundry list of concerns about how the whole thing was going.

We cannot, in reality, be angry with that individual for how they feel or for their decision to opt-out. We can guess what your reaction might be if you were in a similar situation. The cost of the dress code and other associated charges were far too high, and then to suggest that you could turn your guests into event helpers was out of bounds. But, really, how can one ask a guest to become a servant for no apparent reason?

Physical Characteristics

Redditors always have a little spare time to make the most of any scenario or post. One Redditor decided to make a physical highlight of what the event would have looked like after seeing the post with this bride. The artwork was created to demonstrate a point, and it included several significant points without saying much. Many people thought the “Pepsi hat” was humorous. She tried to classify her guests based on their weight is also hilarious.

Assistance is required.

With all of the words she had to spout, it was evident that she was prepared to go to battle with anyone who disagreed with her. She also went after individuals who commented negatively on her posts. She experienced an emotional breakdown after learning that her post had gone viral, accompanied by a lot of rage. Her position as a “qualified spiritual healer,” according to the bride, has justified her actions and decisions. If she were a healer, though, she asserted that her attitude toward people would be more friendlier and warmer.

Angels Who Have Fallen

She tried to excuse her weird and amusing color choices in her outburst. You could have assumed she had a perfectly good explanation for what she did, but that was not the case. She claimed that the all-black costumes and camouflage were a sign of the demon who would be expelled. Some religious people would agree with that logic. Still, the greater picture was why she had to chose the heavier visitors to portray that — it was dehumanizing! But what was the general public’s reaction to the devil connection?

Additional Criticisms

It appears the more the bride spoke, the more she was getting everyone furious and maybe putting limitless fuel on a burning fire. She had a terrible time satiating her hunger, especially once she went to the extreme of categorizing her visitors according to their weights. When she tried to excuse her behavior, it came as no surprise. But, if you believe the madness is over, think again. The message generated considerable interest from overseas fans eager to learn more. With the bride’s absurd expectations and the bad response, the wedding is unlikely to be canceled. Would that be possible? Let’s keep going to learn more…

Angry Remarks

Many Redditors were already stunned by the bride’s weight discrimination remark, and there was a significant negative division. They became even more upset when they discovered the exorcism and how it related to the heavier visitors having a demonic attachment. Although it may not have been upsetting to the bride, many others perceived it as a distressing truth. The strange bride couldn’t seem to get anything right, and as time passed, people’s first impressions of her began to shift.

Strange occurrences

The bride was in a pickle, and she appeared to be seeking comfort and support from individuals she had offended by telling the story of how she and her husband met. They met in a “psychic desensitization chamber,” she alleged. However, how does this narrative assist? After hearing her story, people realized she wasn’t your normal “girl next door” and they felt the rules were part of her customs. No one wants to be denied their right to their traditions, especially on their wedding day, but she could have set the instructions a bit better, right? Then there was the expense, which was a separate matter.

Taking Care of the Fees

Keeping in mind that the guests already had a cost to consider in selecting their wedding attire, asking them for additional thousand dollars to get their suits seemed excessive. She also had justification for this because the pair believed that the suits they would wear would pave the road for the affluence they anticipated in their future. It’s OK to add sentimental value to your big day, but opting for wacky ones like these is a bit excessive.


The way these weird occurrences unfold demonstrates how low people’s awareness levels are, and refining every aspect for the big day is extremely important. Sure, everyone deserves to be happy and satisfied on their special day, but that doesn’t imply the costs should be borne entirely by the guests. Because money does not “grow on trees,” making unreasonable and selfish demands of others is a bad idea. Keep in mind that the pricey clothing and the additional $1,000 are in addition to the cost of traveling to Hawaii for the wedding.


We’re sure many people are wondering if the wedding went through now that this unique and entertaining story has come to an end. We’re all anxious to hear the outcome because we’ve spent a lot of time and energy into this story. We don’t want to know if they’re having trouble adjusting to their new life. Still, we want them to be aware of the financial strain they’re putting on their friends and family and take that into account. In addition, this bride has to look into what she is doing and make a few changes as no one should be harassed the way she went about it. If she continues on her current path, we can expect only a few guests. She may have the wedding of her dreams one day.