The Weirdest And Funniest Signs From This Online Community(22 pics)


Signs are in every town and city, but sometimes you see one that doesn’t make sense. But it’s funny to read them, and people wonder how and why they were approved in the first place.

But we’re glad they were allowed because these strange signs make us laugh and make our day a little bit better. People in the Bored Panda community recently shared some really interesting, weird, and funny signs. In the gallery below, you can see some of them.

H/T boredpanda

#1 Always Made Me Laugh As A Kid

#2 Okayyyy

#3 Succinct

#4 A Classic Detroit Billboard

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#5 Follicle, Hair, Thank You

#6 This Is In A Cave But Does It Still Count?

#7 How Was This Approved?

#8 Small Town In South Africa. A Local Hair Salon Which Will Also Remove One Of Your Eyes, For Free!

#9 A Funny Name For A Business In My Hometown. I Guess It’s A Dentist’s Office

#10 Should I Just Go Out Back, Then?

#11 Is This Legal?

#12 At 2 Different Zoo’s In The Carolinas

#13 Need A Job?

#14 On A Road In Alaska, One Of The Reasons I Never Went Back

#15 At A Zoo

#16 Actual Billboard In Rural Missouri

#17 This

#18 Not Sure This Fits Here But Saw This On The Back Of A Lorry That Empties Cess Pools

#19 Getting Real Specific

#20 Now Hiring Fish Sandwich

#21 This Was A Sign My Dad Saw One Day, And Then He Added The Orc

This Was A Sign My Dad Saw One Day, And Then He Added The Orc

#22 Somewhere In Montana

Somewhere In Montana