If you still believe that tattoos are only for bikers and gang members and that they can only be done in bad black and white, think again. We want to show you that tattoo designs can be as light and delicate as spring flowers.

We think that body art is just as important as painting on a canvas and takes just as much skill. These unique tattoos, which are all based on beautiful flowers in bloom, will speak to your soul. Some of them even look very old-fashioned. Here, we have collected some of the best tattoos for you. Scroll down and check for any unique ideas there for your next design.

h/t: MyModernMet baored panda

#1 Mini Lau, China

Tattoos source: Mini Lau

#2 Sol, South Korea

Tattoos source: Sol

#3 Koray Karagözler, Turkey

Tattoos source: KORAY KARAGÖZLER

#4 Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina, Ukraine

Tattoos source: Rita Zolotukhina

#5 Eva Krbdk, Turkey

Tattoos source: Eva Krbdk

#6 Magdalena Bujak, Poland

Tattoos source: Magdalena Bujak

#7 Silo, South Korea

Tattoos source: Silo

#8 Aleksandra Katsan, Ukraine

Tattoos source: Aleksandra Katsan

#9 Nastya Mysh, Russia

Tattoos source: Anna Bravo

#10 Chloe Aspey, UK

Tattoos source: chloe aspey

#11 Diana Severinenko, Ukraine

Tattoos source: Diana Severinenko

#12 Vic Nascimento, Brazil

Tattoos source: Vic Nascimento

#13 Vlada Shevchenko, Ukraine

Tattoos source: Vlada Shevchenko

#14 Isa, Spain

Tattoos source: ISA ART TATTOO

#15 Claire Benson, UK

Tattoos source: Claire Benson

#16 Irina Bogachuk, Ukraine

Tattoos source: Irene Bogachuk

#17 Alice Carrier, USA

Tattoos source: Alice Carrier

#18 Mhxbones, USA

Tattoos source: MHxBones

#19 Pis Saro, Crimea

Tattoos source: Pis Saro

#20 David Allen, USA

Tattoos source: David Allen